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Monday, October 27, 2008

As the Editor of The Green Connoisseur, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our world launch. The Green Connoisseur was born of the philosophy that we need not sacrifice our lifestyle to save our world. Embracing the culture of socially responsible luxury purchasing, rather than the idea of over-consumption, is the platform on which this company was founded. The information within these web pages is completely free to you. My hope is that you will spend some time reading and subsequently thinking about how every purchase you make or activity you participate in, has an effect on our world. In turn, those purchases and activities will have a significant impact on your life and your loved ones to whom you will leave this planet. The era of corporate sustainability is upon us. No matter the desire, there are very few companies that are able to claim complete sustainability. Our mission is to applaud the companies that are making available to the consumer, high-end goods and services that encourage us to purchase consciously. You will not find, however, negative criticism within these pages. Rather, if a product does not measure up to our standards, we will simply omit that specific product in lieu of less than favorable commentary. Considerable thought has been given to this model and in the end we felt editorially it was the correct direction to take The Green Connoisseur. A dramatic and exciting change is taking place in our consumer marketplace. Never before have we had such eco-conscious products and services available in the luxury sector. As more and more luxury brands embrace the concept of sustainability, The Green Connoisseur will be here to help you navigate your growing options. Everyone at The Green Connoisseur is glad you have chosen to join forces with us in our pursuit to improve our world. We hope you’ll return soon to share your opinions and stay abreast of our changing content and commentary. We know our plans for betterment of this world are lofty, but then again, so is the mission. If we can leave this earth revitalized, I believe we can all call our mission a success.



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