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Monday, December 22, 2008

Treasures From Trees

It's probably too late to get any more presents under the tree before tomorrow, but happily these green gifts made from trees are suitable for occasions throughout the year. These bowls, designed by Doha Chebib and hand-crafted by the Loyal Loot Collective, are carved from locally reclaimed trees and finished with a water-based sealant. Naturally barky on the outside and satiny bright on the inside, they'd make an interesting accent for any room (especially with a few contrasting colors). Loyal Loot Log Bowls are available online from Rose and Radish. For younger friends, this intricate toy treehouse is a great bet. They're hand crafted by a fair-trade group in Vietnam, from reclaimed Cherry and Elder woods. Like many Waldorf toys, this fort engages kids' imaginations while keeping them close to the natural world. (Tree blocks are lots of fun, too.)

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