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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Recycled Tires Make Fun Outdoor Swings and Planters

More and more parents are involving their children in great ways to stop global warming and save energy these days. As this type of awareness grows, one talented artist has inspired many with some ultra-creative ideas. Patrick Palumbo, with Close the Loop, LLC devoted a great deal of his time to make the world a cleaner place by transforming old tires into artistic child swings and colorful outdoor planters. Since his passing, the devoted employees of the company have continued to create these adorable animals – both the planters and the swings.
I fondly remember playing on the tire swing when I was a child – and many of you probably do as well. But the tire swings featured here aren’t quite the same thing. In fact, they’re very much like functional pieces of art. Close the Loop has taken old truck and automobile tires, cleaned them up and shaped them into some amazing items – including tire swings that resemble motorcycles, horses, airplanes, dolphins, kangaroos and more!
My favorite among the collection is the horse swing – fashioned with a perfect horse nose, a curly rope mane and stirrups. Children can sit right in the ‘saddle’ and swing off into the sunset on their favorite new friend! While the swings are very whimsical and a perfect gift for your favorite little one, the planters are also quite unique and charming. With colorful beaks, bright eyes and decorative tail feathers, these planters are not only eco-friendly – they will be the talk of the neighborhood! They’re perfect for the front porch, ‘perching’ around the garden, or in any area where you’re able to enjoy their beauty. The prices of the swing animals start around $90 and the planters go for about $50. Close the Loop, LLC places a priority on safety and takes a very real interest in caring for the environment. You couldn’t ask much more than that from a company! Photos Courtesy of Close the Loop, LLC

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