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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is Zipcar for You?

If you've ever considered going car-free but couldn't quite shake the feeling that you'd regret it every once in a while, Zipcar could be for you. Modeled on European car-sharing services, Zipcar now has locations in ten major American cities (and over a hundred college campuses), plus Toronto, Vancouver, and London. Users buy a yearly membership (starting at around $50), then reserve vehicles online when they want to drive. The hourly or daily fees (from about $7 and $60, respectively), include gasoline and insurance. Vehicles, from minis to vans, are parked in various locations throughout participating cities. In some areas, members can even enjoy the extra-green luxury of hybrids. For occasional drivers, the convenience and cost really can't be beat, and the cars are cute and well-maintained. As a bonus, Zipcar members enjoy deals and special programs from partner companies, including a 10% discount at Kimpton hotels (previously featured by The Green Connoisseur).

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