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Friday, May 8, 2009

Men's Accessories: Cuff Link Crazy

Welcome to the world of Ward Wallau, who has made discarded and discontinued items a usable art form. There seems no end to his imaginative cuff link creations, as he transforms everyday and nearly forgotten objects into the mark of a well-dressed man. 1) Old New York City Transit Tokens When New York City finally discontinued its 'Y' cutout subway tokens in 1980, a light bulb went off in Ward Wallau's head, as he envisioned the ultimate city-inspired pair of recycled cuff links. It actually took him 11 years to petition the New York Transit Authority to grant him permission to use the outdated tokens in his jewelry making. Thankfully, Wallau was granted an exclusive license and now you can own the final product of his labor, priced between $80 and $125/pair. Click here to find other subway token cuff links by Ward Wallau, including San Francisco, Honolulu, and Chicago Transit. 2) Typewriter Keys Long gone are the days where the diligent journalist pounds away on a heavy, manual typewriter, but the beauty and allure of our literary past is not yet a closed chapter. Set in fresh base-metal findings, genuine vintage typewriter keys are handmade into a striking pair of cuff links. A set of Typewriter Key Cuff Links (2 white keys, 2 black keys, or one of each) costs $38. 3) Vintage Watches The combination of levers, gears, and jewels create striking ornamentation for any cuffed shirt. Wallau uses genuine movements from stem-winding watches that date back to the early to mid-20th century. Set in sterling silver findings, these distinctive Vintage Watch Movement Cuff Links ($130) make the perfect Father's Day, birthday, or anniversary gift. 4) Stadium Seats Looking for the perfect gift for a Yankee fan? Imagine an authentic piece of history decorating the sleeve with a pair of Yankee Stadium Cuff Links ($150) – made from recycled wood stadium seats. Aptly molded into the shape of a diamond, this priceless collectible comes from actual seating removed during the renovation of New York's infamous Yankee Stadium. Each cuff link comes with an engraving of the stadium name on back. A certificate of authenticity also accompanies this timeless gift. Wallau also designed cuff links from Chicago's old Wrigley Field stadium seats. 5) Dice Thanks to the pairing of jewelry designers Ward Wallau and Dia Kline, you can display your high-roller status or increase your luck with a pair of Lucky 7 Dice Cuff Links ($90/pair) mounted in sterling silver findings. Why is this piece eco-friendly? The cuff links are made from recycled/reground plastics that are cast and hand-drilled – not molded and produced in mass quantity like the majority of department store selections. Other Ward Wallau creations include:
  • Liberty Dime Cuff Links ($60)
  • Old Buffalo Nickel Cuff Links ($62)
  • Scrabble Tile Cuff Links ($80)
  • Motherboard Cuff Links ($128)
  • Wine Barrel Cuff Links ($130)
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Blogger Enthral said...

Cufflinks are definitely the fashion accessory for men right now. I make cufflinks from recycled and vintage materials as well. My favorite are the cufflinks from my Tires and Wheels Series. They're made from recycled toy parts! You can view them at

5/10/2009 03:30:00 PM  

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