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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hot Mama Gowns - Organic Maternity Wear

Mamas-to-be, if you've ever had the pleasure of staying at a hospital, then you already know your temporary digs is no five-star hotel. Surrounded by the beep of blood pressure monitors and scent of antiseptic soap, you can probably think of a million different places you'd rather give birth to your bundle of joy. To make matters worse, you're wearing a generic hospital gown that certainly cramps your fashion sense and for many, actually adds to your physical discomfort. In order to stop the spread of germs and prevent infection, hospitals must use water at extremely hot temperatures with strong chemicals to disinfect gowns. If that wasn’t bad enough, countless patients have worn the faded hospital gown given to expectant mothers. The wear and tear on gowns is usually not the way you’d like to welcome new baby into the world. Are you looking for a better way to make this a more special and healthier memory? With Hot Mama Gowns, women can express their individuality and enjoy the miracle of life in eco-fashion style. Hospital- and birthing center-friendly, these organic maternity gowns supply mothers with:
  • Short sleeves
  • Full coverage snap-open back
  • Two ribbon-tied panels for quick and convenient nursing
  • Trendy and expressive styles
Hot Mama Gowns is Born It took two years of jotting down notes and creating proto-types until the brainchild of Hot Mama Gowns, Deidrea Haysel, constructed her fashionable masterpieces. Surrounded by itchy material, the scent of hospital chemicals, and less-than-desirable threads, Deidra turned the first moments spent with her newborn daughter into a business venture that forever changed the way mothers coped with the preamble, experience, and aftermath of delivery. Inspired by her organic eating habits, Deidrea set out to design natural, fashionable maternity wear with added convenience for breastfeeding mothers. Organic and comfortable, Hot Mama Gowns reduce the impact on the environment by using 100% natural or low-impact dyes. In the end, expectant mothers wrap up in "super-soft organic cotton" without the harshness of cleaning chemicals often found in hospitals. Hot Mama Gowns are fashioned from organic cotton:
  • Grown from natural seeds without the use of fungicides or insecticides
  • Cultivated in healthy soil due to crop rotation
  • That forgoes aerial spraying of insecticides and pesticides
  • Produced with non-toxic cornstarch instead of synthetic waxes
  • Whitened in safe peroxide – no chlorine bleaching
  • Follows fair trade practices
Whether you're having one child, twins or triplets, Hot Mama Gowns are designed to accommodate growing bellies of all different shapes and sizes – thanks to the two ribbon-tied panels. When ordering, it is suggested to request a gown based upon your true pre-pregnancy size. Larger pregnancies would benefit from ordering one size larger than pre-pregnancy size. Want to keep up-to-date with the latest Hot Mama Gowns news - follow them on Twitter. Photo Credits: Hot Mama Gowns

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