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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Green Flooring

We recently replaced the flooring in our home, which got me
thinking about all the amazing options for beautiful,
sustainable floor boards that are now available.
Bamboo is still one of the most popular trends in
eco-flooring. If you're considering a bamboo floor, it's
important to choose a reputable supplier like Teragren,
which sources all of its high-quality products in an
ecologically and socially responsible way.
Another luxurious option is Forest Stewardship Council 
certified hardwood.  These boards must also meet strict
criteria related to environmental and cultural impact,
including a commitment to maintenance of the forests and
their ecosystems. FSC certified floorboards made from
walnut, maple, cherry, and a variety of other woods are
available from many sources.  Of course, finding a local 
supplier increases the sustainability quotient even more.
If you're looking for something truly unique, there's
always antique wood.  These boards may be pricey, but
they come in a range of sizes and styles for any
project, some of which might be difficult or impossible to
buy new today.  Repurposed flooring has a beautiful, warm
character, and there's no new eco-product quite as
sustainable as finding a new use for the one you already have.



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