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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eco Limos: Chauffeured Rides Go Green

Traditional stretch limos are no longer the chic way to arrive in style.  Eco-friendly limo services first appeared in 2004 with Y Fray's California based Eco Limo.  The company's fleet includes the classic Toyota Prius, the luxury Lexus 400 hybrid, and an assortment of other hybrid/electric cars and biodiesel fueled SUVs.  
Lexus 400h Photo via
Since the introduction of Eco Limo, planet-friendly limousine services have began to appear across the world.  Fray's Eco Limo currently serves an international population, primarily made up of celebrities in the Los Angeles/San Francisco area as well as clients in New York, DC, and Canada.
Ecolimo Australia has served green-minded clients in Sydney and Melbourne since 2006.  Owner Don Pyke started the service with the hybrid Lexus GS450 and offered the first Toyota Prius for hire in Australia in 2008.  Both vehicles are currently available at both Ecolimo Australia locations and are quite popular with newlyweds seeking a greener option for their wedding.
Colorado residents and visitors can take advantage of Green Limousine, began in 2005 by Seth Bounds to offer an eco-friendly option to hired luxury cars.  Green Limousine specializes in hybrid electric SUVs and luxurious cars operated on ethanol and biodiesel.  The company also offers an extensive selection of organic beer, wine, and champagne to passengers, as well as healthy, organic snacks.
Green Tomato Cars offers eco-friendly car services in London, including the world's first plug-in hybrid car for hire - the Toyota Super Prius.  The entire fleet at Green Tomato Cars includes nothing but the Prius, ensuring a green choice for every ride.
A premier limousine service in the Cincinnati area, A Savannah Nite began their eco-conscience efforts in 2007.  Currently their green fleet of limos includes their first eco-option, the hybrid Toyota Camry, an eco-friendly Mercedes bus, and a freight liner limo bus operating on biodiesel.  Chauffeured hybrid SUVs will soon be available as well, as the company makes progress in converting their entire fleet of limos to more eco-friendly choices.  
Green limousine services continue to emerge in countries all over the world, some completely new startups and others are existing limo services making eco-friendly decisions.  The next time you're planning a chauffeured drive, whether it's 1 passenger or 20, consider an eco limo - decrease your footprint without sacrificing comfort or style.

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