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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Got Juice? Exotic Flavors, All-Natural Goodness - Bolthouse Farms Does!

I'm always on the lookout for new organic and natural products, especially while shopping at my regular grocery store.  Last week, I picked up a couple bottles of juice from Bolthouse Farms when I noticed them on sale.
Bolthouse Farms Juices are not organic, but they are all-natural and the taste and variety are rather addictive!  After browsing the product selection online, I'm a bit disappointed with my local selection but I do plan to look for their new yogurt-based dressings the next time I shop.  
I tried out the Mango Lemonade - it's definitely a drink to fall in love with!  The fresh taste of southern lemonade is pleasantly sweetened with the hint of exotic mango flavor.  A Berry Boost Smoothie was my husband's pick.  Made with 5 different berries, apple juice, and bananas, this drink was equally delicious.  I'm also wanting to try the strawberry-banana smoothie and the mocha cappuccino protein drink.
About Bolthouse Farms 
William Bolthouse began Bolthouse Farms in 1915 in Michigan.  By the 1950's, the farm was supplying leading food manufacturers and restaurants with fresh produce for their own products.  Carrots became one of the farms most popular crops and in 1972, the company relocated to sunny California where their high-demand carrots could be grown year round.  
Today, Bolthouse Farms harvests acres of carrots every single day, operating a variety of processing, packaging, and bottling facilities in the Bakersfield, CA area.  An acacia berry farm is also owned and operated by the Bolthouse family, located in Belem, Brazil.  
Environmental Responsibility
While the crops at Bolthouse Farms may not be organically grown, the company values both social and environmental responsibility.  
  • All products boast recyclable packaging.
  • Solar panels generate the power needed to irrigate fields.
  • High speed rail transports products from Bakersfield to Chicago, reducing carbon emissions drastically compared to truck delivery.
  • Spray Safe pesticide techniques are used to minimize the harm pest prevention can have on people and foods. 
  • Great care is given to the nutritional value of every product, from growing to packaging.
I highly recommend trying a Bolthouse Farms juice when you have the chance!  Let us know your favorite flavors in the comments and take the time to visit the recipes section of the website for some excellent smoothie and carrot dish ideas.

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