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Friday, February 13, 2009

Samsung Inches Closer to the Green Cell Phone Finish Line

The race to make the first green cell phone is apparently almost over - and it looks like Samsung may be the first to the finish line!
Samsung's Blue Earth is currently on exhibit at the GMSA Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona and will be the first functional solar powered cell phone on the market when it makes its expected debut in the UK later this year.  
The handset, created to resemble a smooth pebble, pushes the right environmental buttons with its BFR and PVC-free design.  The casing is made of recycled bottles and the back of the phone boasts a solar panel said to create enough power to keep a full charge during use on a sunny day.
When solar power isn't enough, Blue Earth's charger operates on less than .03 watts of electricity.  Battery life shouldn't be too much of a concern for Blue Earth users though - the phone's 'eco-mode' allows custom settings for the screen and backlight, as well as Bluetooth settings, to maximize energy efficiency.  
All the environmentally-friendly features of Samsung's Blue Earth deserve an eco-gimmicky sidekick.  The 'eco-walk' feature is more than a handy pedometer!  In this mode, you can count your steps while tracking the carbon you've saved by walking instead of driving - counted with a display of colorful trees.
Specifications, pricing, and other details regarding the Samsung Blue Earth are not available (at the time of posting), but the phone is planned to launch in the UK in the latter part of 2009.  We can't wait to see what's next for green cell phones!

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