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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Andira Raintees: Saving the Rainforests One Tee at a Time

Eco-friendly. Luxury. Gorgeous. These three words describe the new line of women’s and children’s t-shirts by Andira Raintees. Who are the designers? Children living in rainforests across South and Central America! It’s simple really, but at the same time it’s genius. You see, Andira came up with an amazing idea. They donated school and art supplies to children living in these areas and asked them to draw pictures of their homes – and the things they see there. These gorgeous illustrations that can only be created through the eyes of a child are then transformed into 100% organic t-shirts that do much more than make a statement. On the t-shirt is the child’s illustration, thoughts about their home and their name. When a t-shirt is purchased, a tree is replanted in the place of one that has been destroyed. The purchase also helps support fair trade and fair labor, the teaching and awareness of environmental responsibility and more. So, what do you get when you give a child a way to convey what’s in his or her heart regarding the rainforests? Children’s Monkey Bridge T-Shirt This t-shirt illustration was created by Winnie McCarthy of Costa Rica. It shows the bridges which were built by the children of Costa Rica. These kids were involved in the program ‘Kids Saving the Rain Forest,’ and the bridges allow endangered monkeys to cross roads and travel without being hit by cars or electrocuted by power lines. What a beautiful shirt to get for a kid you love, and what a great story to share with them at the same time! Joison Crew Top Named for its designer, this bold, bright top began as an illustration by Joison Canelos of Ecuador. It’s a beautifully elegant shirt; a view of the Amazon through the eyes of a child complete with a flower and bird in the heavy, imaginative lines only a child can create. This shirt was shown at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles and lets you show the world exactly what you’re supporting! What a great idea thought up by Beth Doane, founder of Andira Raintees and made a reality by the children of the rainforests and Beth’s helpful design team. Beth says, “I believe we are all so much more powerful than we realize, and that there are endless opportunities waiting for us to embrace our potential and make a difference in our world. Rain Tees is my way to make that difference.” To see more Andira Raintees, or to show your support, visit the website or purchase shirts at: Photos Courtesy of

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