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Friday, June 19, 2009

Dream Green Homes From the Ground Up

Whether you're ready to start building a new green home or are still in the daydreaming phase, the Dream Green Homes website and business is ready to assist you. This interesting site features many different styles of sustainable home, from classic to contemporary to truly unique designs by many different green architects. You can also search for plans according to your preferred construction material or technique, for example straw bale or bamboo. Each plan can be purchased for very reasonable rates beginning around $200, and may include customized elements or extremely detailed building instructions depending on which plan you select. After purchasing the plans, you can build your dream green home yourself, or hire local contractors to create it for you. Not only are these homes ready to be constructed from natural materials, but they are designed for energy efficiency and in many cases feature off-grid options such as solar panels. If you're ready to take the green dream to the next level, dream green homes is a great way to start.

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