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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Green DIY Projects From

Looking for a fun green project for a rainy afternoon (or a bored, vacation-weary child)? Check out, where high-quality tutorials on a huge range of subjects are at your fingertips. The "green" category features hundreds of projects for people with many different types of skills and interests, using everyday recycled materials or otherwise helping to create a sustainable lifestyle. This Sun Jar project has always appealed to me. A solar-powered warmly glowing jar (similar to a popular commercial product) would make a great unique gift or elegant home accent, and requires only a small amount of electronics knowledge. Or, how about some funky accessories? This T-shirt Tote is a great use for that old favorite tee that you just can't bear to throw away. And when it comes to eco-jewelry, Instructables has lots of options, so pick and choose your favorite green beads or knotty hemp necklace. If you want to get outdoors, you could try a Vertical Garden, made from a repurposed closet shoe-holder. Kids of all ages might also enjoy the Seed Bombs Instructable (creating small pellets of wildflower seeds and nutrients to scatter anywhere you'd like to see more color). Really, the projects at are so diverse, creative, and adaptable that you're limitted mostly by the amount of time and supplies you have on hand. You can even explore lots of ways to harness wind power or take on another serious green building project if you've got plenty of both.

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