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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Green Schools for a Greener Future

It's decidedly still summer, but the first hints of fall are in the air. In a few more weeks it will be time for school to start again. Traditionally, this means an end to kids' long days of exploring the outdoors, but considering the recent developments in environmental education, this may not be the case for today's luckier students. More and more communities in the United States are starting to provideenvironmental charter schools as a public education option. These schools generally teach a traditional academic curriculum, but with an environmental theme running through all the subject areas. Green charter schools (which may include all grades from kindergarten through high school, depending on location) are also generally located near a large park or wilderness area, so that students can get plenty of hands-on experience and develop a personal relationship with nature. Green schools are as unique as their environments, and the success of such schools may also vary from place to place. However, in general charter schools have an excellent track record, since they are often held to higher standards than traditional public schools. And while the chances that your local public school is a green charter are relatively slim, charter schools generally accept students from any surrounding area on a lottery or similar basis. Ready to look for a green school in your community? This list isn't comprehensive, but you can get started at the Green Charter Schools Network.

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