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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Celebrities as Eco-Spokespeople

Celebrities have the power to make the entire world stop, look and listen. Sifting through the pages of magazines, we take guilty peeks into their lives and absorb their fashion sense, hairstyles, eating habits, and late-night haunts. Today, we will take a look at some of the eco-friendly lifestyle choices and products that some of your favorite actors, actresses and musicians have embraced over the years – proving the rich and famous can ignite not only the entertainment industry, but also the environmental movement. Cameron Diaz Spreading the word on an important cause and having a decent chunk of the world listen to you is a rather significant gift for a celebrity to possess. Cameron Diaz has been using her star power for many years to promote the Toyota Prius, the use of solar cells in her home, and offsetting carbon use during travel. Hint: She actually calculates how much carbon she uses and then purchases credits from an alternative energy source and plants trees to offset her use. A new eco-documentary is also set to hit the scene, as Diaz travels around the world questioning people's knowledge on environmental issues. Her impact and involvement doesn’t stop there – as she's penned an eco-friendly how-to manual called "Green Book," offering tips on living green. Inside, you'll find 700 solutions to everyday obstacles and lifestyle choices, including information on travel, beauty products, household items, and sporting goods. Leonardo di Caprio From famously driving energy efficient cars to buying an eco-friendly condo in New York City, Leonardo di Caprio (of Titanic fame), can definitely teach you a thing or two about living an earth-friendly lifestyle. He's focused on educating the world on their impact on the environment through mediums, such as his eco-documentary 11th Hour. Besides serving as the co-producer, writer, and narrator of the documentary, he's also partnered with Discovery Networks' Planet Green on projects, like documenting the green rebuilding of a town devastated by a tornado. Adrian Grenier If you're a fan of Entourage, then you probably already have eyes for what Adrian Grenier's character is going to do next. However, outside of the lights, camera, action of Hollywood, Grenier has played an active role in going green and spreading the word. From his own show on the Planet Green channel (Alter Eco) and hosting the Charity: Water Ball to raise money for safe drinking water for developing countries, he's an eco-spokesperson to watch out for in the coming years. Brad Pitt Rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina is still a daunting task, but Brad Pitt has embraced a different approach to lending a helping hand. Donating $5 million of his own cash, Pitt supports Make It Right, an adopt-a-green-home campaign concentrated in the Lower 9th Ward. With every $150,000 raised, a family receives a brand new home – eco-friendly, disaster-proof, and one prepared for another hurricane, as the houses even float. To see a complete home, click here. Woody Harrelson He lives in an earth-friendly home and now he wants to share his eco-sense of style with the rest of the world. Woody Harrelson (of White Man Can't Jump) has leaped into a new project that takes place outside the silver screen. Pairing with musician Alanis Morissette, he's not releasing an album, but instead, an eco-friendly line of denim jeans called Reco Jeans – made from 50% recycled material. Ana Ortiz Spreading the word on eco-friendly baby accessories for expecting mothers is actress Ana Ortiz of Ugly Betty. Appearing in a recent issue of US Weekly, Ortiz shared her choices in baby products used to decorate her nursery. On her list, organic bedding from Giggle and Ducduc furniture fashioned from sustainable wood. Honorable Mentions
  • Hilary Duff – Has donated to Hurricane Katrina victims, became an ambassador for Return to Freedom (sanctuary for wild horses), and is active in USA Harvest, which collects and transports surplus food from restaurants and suppliers to missions and soup kitchens.
  • Jay-Z and Beyonce – As founder of UN's Water for Life, Jay-Z participates in an organization that aims to provide clean drinking water to people worldwide. Much more than a pretty face and singer, Beyonce has worked with Second Harvest, which is part of a food-bank network.
  • Josh Harnett – Active in Global Cool, Harnett participates in a charity that encourages billions of people to reduce their carbon footprints over the next 10 years.
Interesting Fact Tobey Maguire – Did you know that Spiderman has been a vegetarian for 14 years? An official ban has been placed in the Maguire household. If you come wearing leather products, you must leave your belts and shoes by the door. Image Credits: RecoJeans, ducduc

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Erin Brockovich is supporting the Million Baby Crawl!

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