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Monday, July 13, 2009

Organic Bouquet: Sustainable Eco-Gifts

Flowers play an integral role in birthday surprises, setting the mood on Valentine's Day, and expressing an undying love. Organic flowers and gifts allow eco-minded consumers to support their earth-friendly lifestyle by choosing gestures that place less harm on the environment. Since 2001, Organic Bouquet has been delivering sustainably grown flowers to thousands upon thousands of customers around the world. Leading the way in the floral industry, the company has set impressive standards from establishing the first carbon offset program to promoting earth-friendly packaging. From 10 long-stemmed Organic-Certified Calla Lillies to a spread of orange roses bursting with color to a bunch of exotic-looking Pink Oriental Lilies (shown above), Organic Bouquet is much more than a flower business. The company offers a selection of decorative wreaths. Choose the hand-made Dried Lavender Wreath to add color and fragrance to a room. A wreath constructed of bay and rosemary (shown) leaves behind traces of ancient Rome with eye-catching appeal. Eco-Friendly Plants and Seed Gifts Imagine the delight that comes when relatives and friends open a gift that keeps on growing with love. Organic Bouquet offers plenty of choices in apple trees, dogwoods, California poppies, wine grapes, parsley, and other seasonal treats. Currently, Organic Bouquet is featuring the Tangerine Bonsai, which infuses a room with fragrant tropical flowers and produces mini tangerines. Housed in a natural ceramic bonsai container, this indoor gift is VeriFlora Certified. Organic Bouquet Gift Baskets Gift baskets are an easy way to show someone that you're thinking of them without the stress of choosing the 'perfect' gesture. Avoid time-consuming shopping trips and send a taste of luxury with one of the following theme-baskets:
  • The Eco Gardener: For the gardener in your life, this tote provides your loved one with an array of gardening utensils, watering bottle, and a fragrant eco-friendly hand soap. Cap off an adventure spent with freshly grown rose bushes and herb gardens with a relaxing cup of tea, dried fruit, shortbread cookies, and chocolate.
  • The Vineyard Selection: With a beautifully wrapped basket filled with organic Chardonnay from Bonterra vineyards, Organic Valley cheese, crackers, chocolate and cookies – how can you not go wrong?
  • Italian Bistro Gift Basket: Celebrate with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon wine with a bistro basket offering the makings of a fine dinner (pasta, sauce, olive oil breadsticks, and biscotti).
Organic Boutique Eco-Standards and Achievements From the sustainable gift basket to the Oregano Wreath, Organic Bouquet products meet the highest of standards – certified by the likes of USDA Organic, Veriflora, Demeter, Fair Trade, Smart Certified, and Green-e. When possible, the company uses recycled, recyclable, tree-free, biodegradable, compostable, post-consumer, and wild-crafted materials for their luxury gift baskets, holiday wreaths, and plant-centered presents. Eco-minded shoppers can purchase their gifts with confidence - knowing that Organic Boutique:
  • Takes a gentler approach in growing flowers that places less strain on the earth
  • Embraces safe ecological standards
  • Prints with vegetable-based inks
  • Considers the well-being of farm workers and wildlife
In addition to the many green business practices, Organic Boutique supports social and environmental causes beyond their daily operations. For example, the company donates a portion of their proceeds to charitable organizations – raising more than $250,000 to date. Photo Credits: Organic Bouquet

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