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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eco-Friendly Eyewear: See a Greener Planet!

Most people don’t bother to ask whether their eyeglasses are eco-friendly when visiting the optometrist, but one company is answering that question with a resounding YES! Equation - an eyeglass company and also a member of the National Recycling Coalition, Inc – is offering 100% recycled and refurbished eyeglass frames. “Equation has one of the largest variety of sizes and brands of eyewear available and our prices are absolutely unbeatable. 100% of our eyewear is recycled. We are committed to helping the environment and helping people around the world see better for less.” – Equation Website Brands Available While the eyeglasses are 100% recycled, customers shouldn’t worry that they can’t get their favorite brands. Some of Equation’s most popular brands of eyewear include Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Foster Grant, Ray Ban, and Jones NY. Cool kids glasses come in brands like Nintendo, Barbie, and Spider-Man. Customers can also choose from reading glasses, everyday correctional glasses and sunglasses for the whole family – men, women and kids! How to Order To get a great pair of 100% recycled glasses, you’re going to need a few different things. You’ll need to have your prescription ready, which you can obtain from your regular eye doctor. You’ll also need to have your frame size, readily available on your current pair of eyeglasses. Customers looking for prescription eyeglasses will need to fax a copy of the prescription to Equation, so that the order for the glasses can be filled. Other glasses can be ordered without a prescription, such as typical reading glasses or sunglasses. Social Responsibility Along with offering 100% recycled and ‘greener’ eyewear, Equation is committed to helping individuals in other ways as well. This company has a special program to help homeless shelters, charitable organizations, missions and church organizations. With this program, Equation helps provide low-income individuals with eyeglasses. This is just one more great thing about the company and another reason to shop there for your recycled eyeglasses. Quick Facts Taken from Equation’s Website
  • Over one billion people worldwide need some type of correctional eyeglasses.
  • Millions of eyeglasses are thrown into the garbage each year.
  • Over 177 million people in just the US need correctional eyeglasses.
This is a great company offering an alternative for individuals who choose to be eco-conscious in all areas of their lives! While appreciating this company's commitment to the environment, check out what this guy did with a ton of eyeglass frames that other people trashed! All Photos Courtesy of Equation.

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