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Monday, July 6, 2009

Handcrafted, Biodegradable Coffins Bring Sustainability to Burials

An eco-friendly lifestyle deserves an environmentally safe ending.  Eco-friendly burials are gaining popularity throughout the world and Colorado-based company, EcoffinsUSA, is minimizing the impact of funerals even further. 
What is a Natural Burial?
The amount of space consumed by traditional cemeteries is just a small part of the harm our typical funerals create for the planet.  The dangers begin with embalming fluids, often contaminating water supplies after disposal, and continue through the production of coffins and vaults, the transportation of these funeral supplies, and the disturbance of trees and plant life as these concrete and chemical-laden tombs find their final resting place.
Natural, green, and woodland burials eliminate most of these problems.  Rather than preparing bodies with hazardous chemicals, natural cotton shrouds are often used as a wrap before loved ones are placed within a coffin made of biodegradable materials - usually recycled cardboard or natural, plant-based materials.  
These coffins generally find their resting place in a natural setting.  Eco-friendly burial sites are emerging in locations everywhere, seeing tremendous growth in Europe but finding their way to the US as well.  Some sites are natural meadows, where these biodegradable coffins sit amid wildflowers as they decompose into the earth, while others are woodland burial grounds featuring trees to mark graves for loved ones to visit. 
Recycled cardboard, sustainable pine, and even willow coffins are now widely available in the 
US for those desiring an eco-friendly burial.  EcoffinsUSA brings handmade, Fair Trade funeral products to that lineup - offering coffins that are both beautiful and unique.  The sister company of UK casket manufacturer, SAWD, EcoffinsUSA was founded to bring those same eco-friendly burial options to the states while also minimizing the impact of transporting and delivery.
All Ecoffins are handwoven under Fair Trade policies and are made from organic plant materials, grown and harvested near the processing factory.  Bamboo coffins or intriguing caskets made of banana leaves are available in sizes up to 7-feet and include a liner, bamboo headrest, and a cotton shroud.  The green coffins are lightweight, typically weighing less than 80 pounds, and can accommodate body weights up to 325 pounds.  All EcoffinUSA products are made without glues or fasteners and are free of chemicals and formaldehyde, featuring natural plant dye for added beauty.  
Learn More About EcoffinsUSA and Natural Burial Options
Ecoffins are currently available through a number of funeral homes throughout the US or can be ordered directly through the company.  Funeral directors are invited to contact the company on behalf of those seeking an eco-friendly burial process.  The biodegradable coffins are also available through 4 online and local resellers.  Visit the Natural Burial Coop to find a green burial site near you.

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