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Friday, July 3, 2009

Greening Your Office Space

Back from maternity leave or starting a new job – why not take a step in an earth-friendly direction by greening your office space? From sticky note holders made out of recycled scrap steel to all-natural bamboo chair mats that create luxuriously sleek surroundings, Bambeco offers a variety of items to make an eco-friendly return or entrance into the workplace much easier. To find inspiration, consider some of the green office goods listed below: Recycled Cotton Desk Organizer What better way to increase your productivity than with enhanced organization? This stylish seven-piece desk set looks like fine leather at first glance, but is really constructed from recycled cotton rescued from the clothing industry. Jot important notes in the journal. Keep abreast on the latest news by storing periodicals in the magazine holder. Keep sharpened pencils at attention in an elegant holder. Available in black or brown. Price: $114.95 Rubber Wood Organizer There's nothing worse than sifting through the bottom of your desk for paper clips or looking for the disk containing essential information. Store all of your most important desk accessories in this organizer, which is made out of rubber trees – a sustainable, renewable natural resource that continues to create furniture and other products once all of the latex has been completely extracted. Rubber wood remnants destined for a life of waste are used to make the organizers. At home, this organizer doubles as a holder for recipe cards, photos, and sewing supplies. Available in Grey and Multicolored. Price: $120.00 Recycled Cardboard Desk Organizer Made of 100% recycled material and free of toxic chemicals or bleaches, this honeycomb cell structure is comprised of recycled cardboard. Try dressing your office with an eye-catching penholder that offers many different possibilities – from platter or bowl to fancy table-top decor. Thanks to lightweight fibers, this organizer offers a highly durable structure. Price: $31.00 Penguin & Rooster Recycled PETE Messenger Bag This funky and cool messenger bag is stylishly functional. You'd never know that it was made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles. Perfect for those who love members of the feathered species, make your commute to the office a greener experience with this accommodating carryall. Store your cell phone and water bottle in the side pocket. Enjoy the adjustable, padded shoulder strap for ultimate comfort. Choose from blue, orange and olive. Price: $49.00 Recycled Bicycle Chain Bowl Want an irresistible conversation piece for the office? Consider the allure of recycled bicycle chains, which still have a great amount of life and use left. Offering a classic weave pattern with clean lines, this bowl provides an impressive centerpiece or nifty holder for your keys. Price: $86.00 Bentley Briefcase Attractive and stylish, this briefcase is handcrafted from reclaimed truck inner tubes and aptly named a 'Bentley' bag. Use it to tote your laptop or carry your important papers. Features include 1 ½ " wide adjustable and detachable seatbelt shoulder strap, handle, inside pocket, and two adjustable front spring hook closures. Price: $145.00 When looking to further green your office, don't forget to check out other products and goods offered at Bambeco – like the Recycled Cotton Photobox or a Root Table. Photo Credits: Bambeco

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