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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

VivaTerra – Living in Harmony with Nature

Helping consumers live a healthy life and make the world a better place for future generations, VivaTerra (which translates into 'living earth') is dedicated to marketing products that promote a harmonious existence with nature. Supporting VivaTerra means embracing a company committed to delivering high-quality, organic, sustainable products that highlight eco-friendly materials, designs, and intent. Below, enjoy just a sampling of what you can find on the VivaTerra website: Home & Garden Filled with lighting options, outdoor décor, and door mats made out of recycled flip flops, VivaTerra offers an extensive roster of home and garden products, including the eye-catching, wooden birdcage design shown above – perfect for bird lovers. The Birdcage Lamp makes a grand conversation piece and comes complete with a sliding door and bottom. Please note that this lamp works well with energy-saving 13-watt CFL bulbs. Eco-Accents When looking for a fresh and earth-friendly way to decorate your home, Vivaterra is filled with candleholders, glass lamps, lanterns, and hand-embroidered pillows. Other eco-friendly décor to consider includes the Boatwood Clock (made from dismantled Thai fishing boats) and the Round Stone Mat (a collection of flat stones polished by natural waters). Kitchen & Dining Whether you're entertaining your next dinner party or wish to add centerpiece excitement to your dining room table, VivaTerra has an assortment of kitchen décor to choose from, as well as flatware, recycled glassware, and this attractive Entwined Leaf Candelabra. Surrounded by metal limbs with sprouting leaves that stretch out to display nine recycled glass cups, it's easy to enhance your ambiance with the addition of decorative tapers or seat tealights. Bed, Bath & Spa VivaTerra also helps consumers add an extra special touch to their bed and bath settings. With the Ivory & Gold Suzani Bench, it's hard to ignore the beauty of antique, decorative tribal textiles made in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and other Central Asian countries. As part of the VivaTerra eco suzani collection, this striking bench is comprised of 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes, and sustainable sheesham wood. Fashioned from rejected cans and containers, you may choose to decorate your room with brightly textured tin letters that provide inspiration and certainly liven up your surroundings. Joining the Misprint "Dream" Letters, you will find kitchen and gardening themes, such as 'eat,' 'grow,' and 'go! green.' Women's Department With handbags, jewelry, and clothing, VivaTerra also carries goods made specifically with the earth-friendly woman in mind. Just one of the VivaTerra standouts in the women's department includes the Hand-Embroidered Organic Cotton Rabbit Bag. Easily impress your friends with alluring pre-historic animal designs decorating 100% organic cotton bags. A couple of bag features to note include a pouch for phone or glasses, and decorative fringed sash. Photo Credits: VivaTerra

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Blogger dmeyer said...

I agree viva terra has very lovely furniture and decorative items. I was very disappointed to discover their use of styrofoam to help package the lamps that I ordered. I just don't buy, no pun intended, the "green image" they are promoting.

7/05/2009 11:50:00 PM  

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