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Monday, June 22, 2009

Go Green Expo Goes to Atlanta

The Go Green Expo has already excited individuals in LA, Philadelphia, and New York City – and starting June 26th, individuals in or near Atlanta will have their chance to visit the amazing event. While it is a celebration of our Earth and those who are doing what they can to protect it, it is also a chance for businesses to share the eco-friendly products they have worked hard to create. The Go Green Expo also gives consumers information on exciting new products that are available and how they can get their hands on those products! Speakers and Appearances Atlanta will welcome some amazing speakers and guests at the Go Green Expo, appearing to share important information, tips and suggestions about going green. This month’s speakers include some exciting names, such as Mariel Hemingway, (author of Mariel’s Kitchen) on Saturday, June 26th, Mandy Mahoney, City of Atlanta’s Director of Sustainability and David Lee, VP of Business Development for the Atlanta Hawks. Also available is Ovie Mughelli of the Atlanta Falcons! Informational Seminars While the speakers and appearances are pretty exciting, the information consumers and businesses will be getting is pretty exciting, too. These individuals can look forward to topics like Sustainable Investing, Inspiring Kids to Go Green, Working Towards a Greener Ethiopia, and Creating Farms and Products for the Earth and Its People. Fun for the Whole Family This Go Green Expo is about being pro-active, making smart choices and above all, celebrating our planet. Those who turn out to celebrate won’t be let down – there is a slew of exciting events that promise fun for the whole family. Events will include musical performances, free yoga lessons, a rock climbing wall for both children and adults, and an eco-kids zone! Where the Fun Will Take Place Cobb Galleria Centre Two Galleria Parkway Atlanta, Georgia 30339 Children 12 and under are admitted free, while adult full weekend passes cost $10. Students and seniors will enjoy a discounted ticket cost of $5. To learn more about the event and obtain a full list of activities, speakers and seminars, visit the Go Green Expo website. Atlanta Skyline Photo by Jon Gos on Flickr, Wrist Band Photo Courtesy of

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Blogger Braeg Heneffe said...

It sounds like a good start to Go Green, but how far away from sustainability are we? There is so much hard work to do.

6/23/2009 07:18:00 AM  

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