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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Code-X Hybrid Luxury Yacht: Renewable Energy; Extreme Power

Until recently, a green lifestyle didn't include many options for boating or water recreation.  Now we have solar-powered and electric watercraft, like those available from Buffalo Solar Boats, and the new emissions-free electric jetski that should be on the market by next year.  But for true luxury, as well as extreme power, Code-X has combined the unsurpassed speed of Formula 1 engines with clean, renewable solar energy for the ultimate eco-yacht.
Who is Code-X?
Code-X AG was founded with the goal to produce exclusive products that make the best use of renewable energy without sacrificing high-end performance.  Based on Lake Lucerne in Meggan, Switzerland, Code-X aims to go "far beyond the common perception of luxury goods".  The Code-X yacht proves to do just that.
Luxury, Speed, and Eco-Responsibility
Aside from the sleek, futuristic design, The Code-X solar powered boat is loaded with the luxury features you would expect from a high-end yacht.   Kevlar and carbon fiber compromise the boat's hull, while 2 beds make it an ideal weekender yacht.  The Code-X also features a swim deck in the rear and, of course, an onboard hot tub.
The Code-X yacht doesn't skimp on performance either - boasting two 710-horsepower, V-10 Formula 1 engines.  These powerful motors operate on nonrenewable fossil fuels and provide extreme speeds of up to 90 knots.  While these engines may not sound too eco-friendly, the Code-X combines the petrol-based power with a bank of solar panels - offering a clean, emissions-free option for coastal areas and occupied inlets.
For more information, as well as pricing and orders, contact Code-X

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