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Monday, June 1, 2009

First Electric Jet Ski Set to Make Waves by 2010

The first completely electric-powered jet ski will soon allow water lovers to 'ride where no one else can'. EcoWatercraft, founded by Barrett Taylor, has already developed and tested a working prototype of the electric jet ski and plans to have it ready for delivery in the US by next year.
Who is EcoWatercraft?
Not only the first US manufacturer of personal watercraft, EcoWatercraft will also be the first emissions-free watercraft producer in the world.  The company was founded with a mission to reduce emissions, while still allowing people to enjoy their favorite water sport.  An American-based factory operated solely on renewable energy will offer new jobs and manufacture the jet skis.
What is EcoWatercraft?
Fast, fun, and 100% clean only starts to describe the world's first electric jet ski.  The debut EcoWatercraft fits 3 passengers and provides an hour-and-a-half of water fun on a full charge.  For an electric motor, the EcoWatercraft offers a surprisingly fast ride - just a few knots slower than it's noisy, fuel-guzzling alternative.  The eco-friendly jet ski is fast, clean, and also quiet, featuring an almost silent engine that doesn't disturb waterfront property owners.  One of the best features of the Eco is the fact that it's virtually maintenance free, allowing owners to enjoy their water toy rather than maintain it.
Why EcoWatercraft?  
Personal watercraft have become a leading pollutant in the US, contaminating both the water and the air.  A number of lakes have banned the use of jet skis to reduce noise, as well as toxic gasoline fumes and spills.  The EcoWatercraft requires no gasoline, emits no fumes or toxins, and is silent enough that even the rider can enjoy the tranquility of nature.  
Ready for Your Own Green Jet Ski?
Unfortunately you won't be able to ride your EcoWatercraft this summer, but the first model is scheduled for release by 2010.  The company's founder is still inviting investors to discuss the product and can be contacted through the EcoWatercraft website.
The first electric-powered jet ski will be a bit more pricey than a traditional 3-seater, but should make up some of the difference in gas and maintenance savings.  If the $32,000 model is over your budget, a 2-person version is proposed for 2011 with a more affordable price tag of $12,000.  
Source: TimesOnline
Images: EcoWatercraft

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