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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Alternative Apparel - Giving New Life to the T-Shirt

Alternative Apparel is a company that really believes in the art of the T-shirt. Apparently, founder Greg Alterman "has always made a commitment to raise the t-shirt above its traditional status as a casual staple; he has moved the t-shirt to the center of a fashion-forward wardrobe." Alternative Apparel has definitely become a top name in casual cool, so the t-shirt mission seems to be succeeding. Alternative Apparel has three collections specifically targeted to green consumers. The organic cotton collection is straightforward and pleasantly extensive, with ten subtly different styles of tees and tanks for women and men, in low-impact colors with warm and fuzzy names like moss, chili, and charcoal. The eco-heather and eco-vertigrain collections are also made from sustainable materials: organic cotton, rayon, and recycled polyester fibers, with a more textured finish and several unique styles. If plain tees aren't really your thing, you may still be in luck, since alternative apparel shirts have quickly become a staple for independant shirt designers. Many printed shirts on Etsy feature organic alternative apparel, and seller Phipps Art is a good place to start, with a nice collection of animals and other whimsical images.

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Blogger yanadiebaila said...

Great post and great company. I have a lot of their organic and recycled shirts and not only do they look amazing and unique, they feel fantastic.

6/18/2009 07:11:00 PM  

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