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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hot Accessories: Reclaimed Fire Hose Belts & Bags

Father's Day is right around the corner, meaning thousands of sons and daughters will be scrambling to find the perfect gift for Dad. If you're tired of gifting ties, watches, and golf shirts – why not consider a sustainable gesture, like a belt or wallet made from reclaimed materials? I'd like you to consider products created by EaKo – an eco-friendly company that breathes new life into retired fire hoses. Fire Hose Belts Whether showcasing a skinny stitch or rugged durability, there is no denying the stylish appeal of an EaKo fire hose belt. Especially…when it comes to pleasing the current or retired firefighter in your life; giving a gift that represents his profession with pride is priceless. Each EaKo belt is made from reclaimed fire hose with a recycled pewter belt buckle as a centerpiece. Various styles are available in red and yellow. Fire Hose Bags Stylish and durable, this tote bag is absolutely irresistible. If it weren’t for a few quirky details of using decommissioned fire hose, you'd never know that the materials used to fashion this luxury bag once saved lives and rescued burning buildings. This classic design offers a roomy zipped pocket, compartment to hold your cell phone, two exterior pockets, and a comfortable strap for the shoulder. Other fire hose bags to consider:
  • Unisex saddle bag – lined with material reclaimed from unwanted office furniture
  • Wash bag (pictured below) – perfect for packing toiletries while traveling
Fire Hose Card Holder Protect your credit cards, business cards, and cash with this unisex wallet, which is built well enough for you to tote a slim iPod. Reclaimed sailing cloth from racing boats supplies the lining for the wallets. What Makes Recycled Fire Hose Products Exclusive? Created by hand, each belt is uniquely crafted in England– complete with battle scars from active fire fighting. Keep in mind that it's not uncommon to find hose batch numbers and original manufacturer's name on your belt or bag. Overall, you are guaranteed to receive a one-of-a-kind piece, accompanied by a free product story card and gift message. Also, take care in knowing that 50% of EaKo’s profits stemming from their range of fire hose products is donated to The Fire Fighters Charity. Consumers who purchase recycled fire hose bags and belts are doing their part to divert some of the industrial waste cluttering the planet. If you are interested in bringing home a truly 'hot' accessory, don’t hesitate to check out a variety of shapes, sizes and styles at Eco Emporia. Photo Credits: Eco Emporia

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