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Monday, May 25, 2009

Badger Balm Sunscreen and More

Sunny days are finally here, and if you burn easily, so is the hunt for the perfect sun protection. Weighing the options can be tricky, since you need to find a product that's sustainable as well as non-toxic, and effective - a surprisingly rare combination. Luckily, the badger balm folks have come to our rescue. Badger Sunscreen, available in SPF 30 or 15 (and even a sun-blocking lip balm, if you want to be really thorough) is made with all natural ingredients, including zinc oxide and a combination of soothing organic oils. This sunblock smells pleasantly fresh and blocks the sun effectively, and amazingly it's also water-resistant, meaning that it's appropriate for swimming and other water sports. If you're not familiar with the Badger line of skin balms, oils, and more, this is a great excuse to check out their selection. All the products are hand-made from sustainably sourced natural ingredients, and feature the adorable badger mascot. The aromatherapy line looks especially intriguing, scents to inspire everything from cheerful thoughts to yoga and meditation. Personally, I'm eying this night-night balm from the kids collection. It's formulated with soothing herbs to help toddlers to sleep, but it sounds useful for anyone who could use a better night's sleep.

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