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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Batucada Designs - Eco-Plastic Jewelry

Wrap your body in French eco-allure with necklaces and bracelets fashioned from a synthetic rubbery substance meant to stand the test of time. Strong, flexible, and resistant to seawater, Batucada designs are responsible for combining earth-friendly certified components that contain no phthalates. Since the designs stay flat on the skin, the wearer gives off the illusion of displaying eye-catching, intricate tattoos. This concept is known as 'eco-plastic' with high-quality selections sold in Asia, Europe, and across America. With a Batucada design, you may truly feel like a chameleon, as the extremely lightweight jewelry adheres to the contours of the body. Necklaces and bracelets actually possess the ability to remember the shape of your wrist, neck and other parts of the body, which helps to create a perfect fit. It's almost like slipping into a second skin – one that highlights sustainable beauty. Some say you'll never know that you're wearing your jewelry; it's so light that it even floats. The versatility of Batucada jewelry is boundless, as it captures your ever-changing moods. Creative minds attach two bracelets from end to end to form a distinct choker necklace. Bracelets are also sometimes worn on the ankle. In some cases, joining a handful of bracelets together can also create an appealing belt. No matter what you do, ill-fitting pieces can be repaired with a snip of the scissors. Washing Batucada designs is also easy, as it only takes mild soap and water to revamp its appearance. Ready for casual activities or fancy get-togethers, designs are molded into functional and lux-fashion masterpieces. Buyers of Batucada necklaces and bracelets have worn their designs to business meetings, gym workouts, romps on the beach, and nights out on the town. With a range of colorful shapes, sizes, and designs, Batucada produces sustainable fashion that creates a tattoo-like appearance for people interesting in elaborate jewelry or who simply wish to take a walk on the wild or expressive side. For example, step out on the scene with all eyes on your blood red necklace from the Oriental Batucada collection. Other collections use the countryside, rock and roll, and tropical gardens for inspiration. Besides jewelry, Batucada also uses their eco-plastic to design, create, and manufacture fashion accessories and other decorative items, such as attractive placemats in colors of black, blue, purple, green, and pink. Image Credit: Batucada

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Blogger Alice said...

where can they be purchased in the US? the website does not have any info on retail or online sales...

5/25/2009 11:42:00 PM  
Blogger Yona Williams said...

Here is a site that has a lot of Batucada designs.

I've also seen some pieces on eBay.

5/26/2009 07:45:00 PM  

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