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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Recycled Jewelry: Sea Glass & Vintage China

With two painters for parents and displaying an interest in elaborate beaded jewelry at an early age, it was inevitable that Jessica Lee would fall into a career that allowed her to explore her artistic roots. Equipped with a college education in jewelry design and apprenticeships with notable silver smiths, Lee now sells her own eco-friendly trinkets in shops all over the world.
In the world of jewelry making, Mother Nature often inspires artists to look deeper into their surroundings for ideas and materials to create their next masterpiece. In this case, Jessica Lee was introduced to the natural beauty of sea glass found along the Californian coast. Thanks to the ocean, lost glass vessels are broken, washed away, and naturally smoothed over by constant love from sand and waves. This means that each piece of sea glass possesses its own unique shape, size, and texture – making both unpredictable and one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Today, Lee's product line includes sea glass necklaces in hues of green and amber; rings with sterling silver surrounding antique Coca Cola bottle sea glass; and amber-tinted sea glass double earrings. She also expanded her recycled wearable art to include stained glass, carved stone, and themed pottery pieces depicting floral and Asian designs. Sea Glass Bracelet From amber to green to gray, you can proudly wear the colors of sea and earth with this striking sea glass bracelet that offers exclusive shapes fashioned directly from California waters. Handmade in Bali and California, each piece is hand bezeled in sterling silver. Pottery Watch Some watches were just born to leave a statement and this Jessica Lee creation accomplishes just that with bold pieces of pottery that certainly catch the eye. The combination of sterling silver and inviting designs immediately draws attention. The watch face showcases a stainless steel back. The entire piece is handmade in Bali and hand finished in California. Lee is quite adept in creating the perfect match of materials. Other creations include red and white vintage pottery paired with clear sea glass; hand-carved pottery pieces in the shapes of leaves and flowers; and floral pottery pieces and pearls. Sea Glass and Vintage China Leaf Bracelet I absolutely love this bracelet, as the soft tones of green are not only soothing to look at, but the detail is also extremely interesting to explore. Comprised of vintage china and sea glass, this bracelet is sure to transform your wrist into an intriguingly delicate sight. This is just one of the many displays of what Jessica Lee can produce with vintage china that she collects from antique shops, auctions, resale stores, family, and friends. Handmade in Bali and hand-finished in Oregon, this bracelet is absolutely unforgettable. To browse an assortment of colorful sea glass and pottery jewelry by Jessica Lee, including rings, earrings, and pins, don’t forget to visit her store. Photo Credits: Uncommon Goods

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