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Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring into a New Pair of Eco-Shoes

With bright skies and warmer weather, it's hard to resist the onslaught of eco-footwear geared towards the spring and summer season. Using recycled plastics, natural dyes, and synthetic leather, the sandals and heels below are not only stylishly sustainable, but also take part in ethical manufacturing and donate to eco-friendly charities. Hetty Rose When you're looking for a one-of-a-kind shoe, you should consider the fashionable creations of Hetty Rose (shown above). With ties that enclose the foot and hand stitching that elevates the overall presentation of the shoe, the Maya possesses a wooden heel surrounded by vintage kimono textile fabric. If you're interested, all Hetty Rose shoes are made to fit the size and material of your choice. Simply choose from a selection of vintage Japanese fabrics for your next spring or summer shoe bursting with color. Strap Sandals and Heels by Sui Generis Saturated in class and elegance, the sandals and heels of the Sui Generis line from Beyond Skin is perfect for a night out on the town or attending an event where you truly wish to impress. To tempt your exclusive tastes, Beyond Skin is committed to trading "in a manner that is non-exploitative to humans, animals and wherever possible the wider environment." The Sui Generis line also goes beyond the typical sustainable practices often associated with shoe-making by embracing recycled packaging and donating a percentage of profits to a range of ethical charities. Puma Sandals – Neuaura Hailing from Brazil, Neuaura produces a dazzling eco-footwear line, including this eye-catching silver thong sandal entirely fashioned from synthetic leather. Look out for other selections from Neuaura, a company that recycles all material factory waste, prefers water-based adhesives, frowns upon toxic solvents and chooses less harmful materials. The company also supports as many local products when possible. Alexa Boot by Cri de Coeur Sometimes you just need a stylish, open-toed boot to make a statement. The Cri De Coeur line is "entirely free of animal products, and as environmentally friendly as technology will allow." Quite popular with eco-fashionistas, Cri de Coeur is devoted to educating consumers about the real impact that fashion choices make on the lives of humans, animals, and the planet. In an effort to offset the carbon emissions that they cannot avoid, Cri De Coeur has also partnered with and will also plant a tree for every pair of shoes sold. The Alexa boot (shown here) is a cut-out zipper open toe selection (Desert Sand Canvas with Midnight black accents). Check out the Spring 2009 collection here. Terra Plana A fashionable pair of heels can truly enhance your overall look and what better footwear to choose than heels with sustainability? Terra Plana offers a line of shoes that also takes into consideration the health of your feet by providing recycled memory foam in the insoles. This comfortable fit is paired with vegetable-tanned leathers to create a product you don’t have to feel guilty about. If you're looking for a unique answer to the question, "where did you get those shoes from?" Consider the Melito pumps – made from recycled Pakistani quilts.

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