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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sprint Goes Green With New Eco Mobile Accessories

Truly green cell phones, like the Samsung Blue Earth, are not yet available to US subscribers but Sprint's new eco-friendly mobile accessories are making the market a bit more sustainable.  Sprint was recognized by the EPA in October, 2008 as a 'Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal Setter' after promising to reduce emissions by 15% before 2017. The company has also vowed to recycle at least 90% of their phones by the same deadline.
Two eco-friendly accessories have joined the Sprint product lineup, with a promise of more green mobile goodies to come:
The Universal Hybrid Charger is manufactured by Solio and uses 
stored solar energy to charge your cell phone, iPod, or digital camera. Solio offers a variety of clean energy charging solutions that store power for up to a year. The solar phone charger requires 8 to 10 hours of sunlight for a full internal charge - enough to charge your cell phone twice - and includes an optional wall or USB plug for faster recharge.
100% recycled fabric phone cases are supplied by Nite Ize and are universal carrying cases available in 2 sizes to accommodate most handsets. Nite Ize offers a variety of durable phone cases, but this is their first eco-friendly option. There are 2 versions to choose from - regular Tone with a convenient belt clip or Tone Nite Club with additional space for lipstick and ID cards. Both models are available in 2 colors.   
We can't wait to see more eco-friendly cell phones and accessories made available to US subscribers! 

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