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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Green Kitchens & Baths With EcoUrban Cabinetry

Sustainable, eco-friendly cabinetry is a vital part of a green home.  The EcoUrban Collection is designed to make luxurious sustainable living simple.  With both stainless steel and formaldehyde-free veneer, these cabinetry systems are the perfect eco-friendly option for any home or office. 
What Makes EcoUrban Sustainable?
EcoUrban Cabinetry is designed to minimize waste.  Cabinets are assembled locally in EcoUrban's Chicago factory, using domestically-sourced materials.  Self-threading stainless steel fasteners are used in production, eliminating the need for welding and decreasing carbon emissions during manufacturing.
The Collection
The EcoUrban Collection began with the Pure series - 100% recyclable stainless steel cabinetry.  The Pure collection is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and carries a lifetime warranty to ensure long-lasting beauty and enjoyment. 
The Aire series is available in steel, veneer, or colorful chroma.  All materials and glues are completely free of formaldehyde and PVC, featuring recycled cellulose fiber finishes to protect precious trees.  All EcoUrban cabinetry systems are LEED rated for certified green building projects.
EcoUrban cabinets are designed for both commercial and residential use.  Stainless steel models are weather-resistant, perfect for outdoor kitchen applications, and all EcoUrban cabinetry is safe for even the most delicate applications, including medical facilities that require pure, allergen and toxin-free installations.
How to Order
EcoUrban ships their cabinetry systems and accessories nationwide and welcomes custom orders.  Contact EcoUrban through their website to request quotes and samples for your eco-friendly cabinets.  The manufacturing process takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks for completion.

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