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Friday, June 26, 2009

Eco-Art Lends Sustainable Style with Recycled Metal

Scrap metal and discarded industrial waste take on creative new forms when artist Tim Pace gets his hands on them.  Pace's Eco-Art brings new life to ordinary junk - and the results are stunning to say the least!
About the Artist
Tim Pace began his career in 'found art' in 1995 - designing a unique 3-foot tall golfer as a garden sculpture gift from excess metal scraps.  Originally an electrician, Pace has no formal training in art but has created recycled masterpieces full-time for more than 10 years now.  Each piece is handcrafted, welded from a variety of rescued metals, and every item is one-of-a-kind.  Pace is based in Tennessee and showcases his Eco-Art at showings across the southeast.  
About the Art
Starting as unique garden sculptures, Eco-Art now ranges from small pieces designed for tabletop use to larger statues and everything in between.  The materials used to create these astonishing pieces are just as varied, including worn-out play sets, trampoline frames and springs, farm and garden equipment, car parts, and even forgotten cutlery. 
The primary goal of Eco-Art is to create something unique and stylish, while still holding the form of the original materials.  Notice the shovel heads and garden clippers in the Birds pictured above and the creative use of springs in this one of a kind wine rack.  Pace's collection also includes business card and candle holders, benches, and an array of animal sculptures.
Buying Eco-Art for Your Home
Tim Pace's recycled creations can be purchased at several gift shops in Tennessee and Mississippi, as well as regional art and craft shows throughout the south.  Works are also available directly through Pace's studio in Finger, TN or you can contact the Eco-artist through his website for more information.
Images via EcoArt by Tim

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