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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

RoboSteel: Transforming Scrap Metal into Amazing Works of Art

We’ve seen recycled works of art before, but RoboSteel, located in Ireland, is creating some of the most amazing recycled art ever. After having connected with RoboSteel on Twitter, I went to check out their masterpieces and was absolutely amazed. RoboSteel uses recycled metal (mostly steel) to create a variety of sculptures, both small and enormous. Even better, clients can order custom pieces to be created – and all the sculptures are one of a kind! RoboSteel’s Materials: All of the sculptures are created using steel pieces that were once parts of motorcycles, airplanes and cars. There are smaller amounts of copper and ceramic sometimes used to create the desired effect. The sculptures are lacquered to help ensure durability, although they’re not recommended for placement outside. It’s also important to note that these sculptures are not toys, so they shouldn’t be purchased for children. However, if you know someone who loves movie memorabilia, sci-fi and fantasy sculptures, these may just be the coolest gifts ever re-created! Sculptures: RoboSteel has created a variety of pieces, both small and large. If you’re searching for a great gift, consider the individual you’re purchasing for and his or her unique personality. Provide them with their very own sculpture of Elvis, the Terminator or even Darth Vader! Below are some of the coolest sculptures available at RoboSteel.
This is a tiny RoboSteel frog, singing away in metallic form!
Check out Darth Vader – “dark, foreboding and ruthless” for sure!
This is an adorable version of the trash-collecting robot, Wall-E!
Possibly the Most Impressive RoboSteel Sculpture: In what is possibly the most impressive RoboSteel sculpture ever commissioned, the talented and amazing designers came together to create a sculpture of transformer Optimus Prime, which is actually 8ft tall! The team used a massive pile of old scrap metal to create this masterpiece for a client – to be given away as a prize. That’s some impressive metal work, and an impressive bit of recycling that RoboSteel should be quite proud of! All Photos are Courtesy of and Copyrighted by

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