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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Wonderful Pomegranate

The pomegranate has an incredible reputation in legend, as an almost magical fruit able to bestow health and fertility on the eater. Is there any truth behind this story? I recently had the opportunity to sample some Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice and get to the bottom of this mystery. According to Pom Wonderful, pomegranates and their juice actually do possess amazing health benefits. Sure, lots of foods make this claim, but Pom Wonderful has the rare advantage of mainstream research to back up its story. In several clinical studies, participants drank eight ounces of Pom Wonderful pure pomegranate juice per day over a period of time. The findings were quite impressive. In particular, circulatory health was often improved. After several months, participants in various studies showed benefits such as increased blood flow to the heart and decreased arterial plaque. In as little as two weeks, LDL cholesterol was shown to decrease. In addition to these studies, Pom juice was tested and found to improve prostate health and erectile function in some cases, as well as containing incredibly high amounts of antioxidants which are healthy for almost everyone. The flavor of pomegranate juice is unique -- sweet and rich with a mildly bitter edge -- that may be a bit of an acquired taste. However, I found myself beginning to enjoy it quickly, and soon went back for more. If pomegranate juice just isn't your thing, though, Pom makes several different products with the healthy essence of pomegranate, from juice blends to tea and coffee beverages. Check out Pom Wonderful for more information. The website is unusually pretty, and includes lots of information and recipes about pomegranates, plus a location finder to figure out where you can try Pom products in your area.

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