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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eco-Friendly Vacationing Gets Easier with AAA TourBook

We recently featured several options for eco-friendly hotels and accommodations; we've also spotlighted a number of green vacation destinations, including the Yelverton Brook Eco-Spa, the Gaia Napa Valley Hotel, breathtaking eco-island Melody Key, Fiji Island Resort, and LEED-certified Hotel Terra.  Next  year, the AAA TourBook will add an eco feature to make it easy to find the best green vacation opportunities when you travel. 
The AAA TourBook is a convenient travel companion - listing resturants, lodging, and attractions for hundreds of popular vacation destinations.  The TourBook guide is included with a AAA membership and features maps, exclusive coupons, and a variety of travel suggestions for trips in the US and the Caribbean, as well as Canada and Mexico.
Members can rest assured that only the best eco hotels and green resorts will be available in the TourBook.  AAA has partnered with local, state, and national organizations promoting sustainable travel and all listings must be certified by one of these groups, in addition to being AAA-approved or Diamond rated.  
Planning Your Green Vacation Online
Both members and nonmembers can  access AAA's travel planning tools on their website.  The hotel search feature will include the eco icon in 2010, along with the user-friendly descriptions, reviews, and photos already there.  On the website, you can compare eco hotels with similar accommodations and even book your stay when you decide on the best lodging for you.
Images: Hotel Terra

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