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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Green Your Game: Timberlake's Eco-Certified Golf Course Ready for Tee Time

Grab your eco-friendly golf grips and reserve your tee time at the nation's first certified Audubon International Classic Sanctuary golf course - Justin Timberlake's amazing Mirimichi.  The course, scheduled to open July 25th, has been completely renovated and includes a platinum LEED certified clubhouse to create a 'place of happy retreat' that all levels of golf connoisseurs can enjoy.
The Course at Mirimichi
Lakes, waterfalls, and creeks provide a tranquil setting for the 7,400 yards of greens, while ensuring a challenging day of golf that won't soon be forgotten.  Each hole hosts several tee boxes, allowing golfers at every level to enjoy the expansive championship level course.  
Mirimichi has been landscaped to make the most of the natural eco-system.  Extensive water features, native grass areas, and an assortment of vegetation - including hardwoods, flowering shrubs, and aquatic plants - are spread throughout the course for an enjoyable game that doesn't interfere with nature.
Eco-Friendly Features
In addition to the carefully planned, natural beauty of the Mirimichi course, many other initiatives have been taken to create the most eco-friendly golf game available.  
  • Parking lots boast reflective coating to reduce heat footprint;
  • Water and irrigation are managed efficiently to minimize usage, including rainwater collection and reuse;
  • Native grass and wetlands, along with recirculating water features, provide natural wildlife habitats and help balance the environment.
The Mirimichi Clubhouse, scheduled to open sometime next year, will gain the status of the first platinum LEED certified clubhouse in the world.  Solar energy and geothermal heating and cooling will provide completely renewable energy to the course, supplying the state grid with 20% of that renewable electricity.  Low-energy lighting and eco-friendly building materials add the finishing touches to Timberlake's green creation.
Playing at Mirimichi
Mirimichi Golf Course, located in Memphis, TN, began accepting tee time reservations yesterday.  The facilities are scheduled to open July 25th and will accept reservations up to 10 days in advance.  Besides the championship level course, the facilities also offer a practice area and driving range, as well as Little Mirimichi - a 9-hole, par 35 mini course.  
Green fees, including a golf cart and balls, are $59 on weekdays or $71 on weekends and holidays.  For more information or to reserve your tee time, visit the Mirimichi website.  
Source: EcoRazzi

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