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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Emerald Monkey EcoLuxe Resort

To accommodate a traveler's desire to vacation in luxury without abandoning their environmental beliefs, eco-resorts are springing up all over the world. Situated on 85 unforgettable tropical acres in the Caribbean Seas, you will soon have a chance to book an eco-friendly getaway at the Emerald Monkey EcoLuxe Resort on Shepherd Island – an extension of Bocas del Toro – an island close to the mainland of Panama. Mirroring the architectural style of residences in Bali and French Polynesia, the Emerald Monkey will offer 206 villas providing an exquisite gateway into living on a tropical island. For the ultimate experience in relaxation, romance, and luxuriating in refreshing waters, the 5-star resort will offer two private beaches, private marina, scuba diving, and infinity-edge saltwater pools. The local lagoon is perfect for snorkeling, fish gazing, or trying your hand at rediscovering sunken Balinese artifacts. Eco-Friendly Features The Emerald Monkey is making a commitment to ecological preservation and sustainable living by attempting to establish the "first zero-carbon footprint community in the world." Hydropower (river water) will serve as the primary source of energy for the island. Using saltwater pools will eliminate the need for harmful chemicals, like chlorine. Pesticides will not compromise the onsite organic fruit and vegetable farm. Other features include sustainable materials for the construction of buildings and the use natural mountain spring water. 5 Things to Do at the Emerald Monkey The Emerald Monkey promises guests first-rate amenities with no shortage of activities or attractions for enjoying the tropical climate of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, which is comprised of nine islands, 51 keys, and more than 200 islets. The mixture of blue Caribbean waters, rolling hills, prehistoric boulders, and constant reminders of a luxurious, luscious tropical setting effectively encourages guests to relax and release. To pique your interest, the Emerald Monkey is planning the following things to do on the island:
  • Explore the vibrant colors of an onsite butterfly farm.
  • Rejuvenate the skin, body and mind at a full-service spa
  • Dine at a five-star restaurant with the resort's organic produce
  • Browse goods at village shops and restaurants
  • Wander about tropical gardens – following inviting stone trails
Preferred Hotels & Resorts (a well-known hospitality company) will guide the Emerald Monkey through the world of eco-luxe properties. With a scheduled opening date of late 2011, construction for the resort is already in the works. The first phase will consist of building homes featuring spacious verandas and outdoor seating with a guest choice of saltwater plunge pool or a meditation courtyard. If you are interested in owning a piece of paradise, the Emerald Monkey sells 1/10th shares whole and fractional ownership residences that allow stays for up to five weeks per year. The starting price for one fraction is $74,353. From one- to three-bedroom villas, whole ownership prices are between $563,284 and $1,348,619. Another perk of investing in the Emerald Monkey is a Panamanian law that exempts residence buyers of properties like Emerald Monkey EcoLuxe Resort from paying property taxes for the first 20 years of ownership. Image Credits: Emerald Monkey

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful eco resort. I like the concept of putting luxury and eco travel together. makes for the ultimate vacation.

11/19/2009 12:42:00 PM  

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