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Monday, November 2, 2009

Agoda's Top Eco-Friendly Asian Resort: The Tongsai Bay

Agoda, online hotel reservations site and part of Priceline, has recently published their top ten picks in eco-friendly Asian resorts. On the very top of that list was the beautiful Tongsai Bay Resort, located on the island of Ko Samui, Thailand. Tongsai Bay's Beginning Tongsai Bay was designed in 1985 by Akorn Hoontrakul, and was created without builders having to cut a single tree down. The plan, even then, was to leave as much of the natural beauty of the island at peace. With beachfront suites, special villa suites and cottage suites, guests can choose where they'd like to be placed and what special features they'd like to experience at the hotel. Eco-Friendly Aspect The Tongsai Bay hotel strives to be eco-friendly on several levels, including:
  • Through smart waste management practices and recycling.
  • Working to conserve energy as much as possible.
  • Working to create eco-awareness in the surrounding community, where Tonsai Bay Hotel has built a low carbon school.
  • Working with other hotels on the island to try and maintain the natural beauty and resources of Tonsai Bay.
Besides running one of the most beautiful hotels on the island, the management and owners of Tongsai Bay hotel are dedicated to keeping the island as natural as possible and as unmolested as possible as well. Features and Amenities Tongsai Bay has twenty-four beachside suites that are absolutely gorgeous. One of the best features is the 'bath with a view,' where one can enjoy a calming bath with a beautiful view of the hotel and island at the same time. Special villas feature gazebos on the balconies, private shower, washbasin, minibar and more. Guests who want to unwind can relax in the lobby lounge, where live music plays and drinks are served. Once relaxed, individuals may want to enjoy a nice dinner, and can do so at Chef Chom's Thai restaurant, The Butler's restaurant, or the Po-Lad Beach Bistro and Bar. Guests can check email or check in with the world at the SIP internet cafe. Activities One of the things visitors to Ko Samui enjoy is watersports and they'll find several different accomodations near Tongsai Bay when it comes to watersports. Individuals can enjoy:
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing
  • Snorkeling
Of course, aside from these activities, there is a bustling nightlife and major shopping nearby. Tongsai Bay Resort is not only beautiful, it is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world and with owners and staff who take caring for the environment seriously - how could one be disappointed? Photo Credits:

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