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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Freitag Bags and Accessories

For brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag, it started with the need for a messenger bag that would not become ruined and soaked should it rain on the bicycler who carried it. They ended up making their own bag, created from an old airplane tarpaulin, an inner tube and a bit of recycled seat belt. That one bag turned into a career for the brothers - with an online shop, and their products being sold all over the world. Materials Markus and Daniel continue to use the same materials they created that first bag with - old truck or airplane tarpaulins, inner tubes, airbags and seat belts. All of their materials are previously used, and end up creating amazing accessories rather than sitting in a land fill. They purchase their supplies from individuals who have tarps and the other materials that are not needed. While the materials must be in fairly good shape, the manufacturer's logo and marks are not recognizable on the finished bags. Pieces Freitag makes everything from adorable messenger bags in all sizes to tiny pouches and even luggage for trips! The greatest thing about each and every one of the pieces is that they are unique. Sometimes a bit of logo will be showing on the bag, while other times it will simply be a solid color. You absolutely have the option of choosing how loud or muted you want your bag to be. You can also choose whether there is an actual logo/design on the bag or it's just solid colors. How the Bags Are Made While that first bag was hand-sewn by the brothers, there is now a factory where more than 80 individuals work to create the Freitag products. The company receives the tarps or other products and checks them for wear and tear. When the usable pieces are chosen, they are washed in super-large washers and dryers. The material is then brushed down flat and the pieces for the bags is cut using a transparent pattern. This transparent pattern allows the workers to see what the finished bag will look like, so they know precisely where to cut in order to create the prettiest bag. It is then sewn together and checked for quality before undergoing a small photo shoot. The website shows you more about how each bag is made. Freitag bags are gorgeous eco-friendly luxury products, and a perfect addition to anyone's closet! Photo Credits: Freitag

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