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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Are You Ready to Tango? Meet the Eco-Car of Tomorrow

Sleek and fast, with the ability to travel up to 200 miles on a single charge, the electric hybrid Tango is leading the way when it comes to eco-friendly transport.  With power that rivals that of a Viper, and speed that leaves a Cobra far behind, the Tango boasts the size and maneuverability of a motorcycle with the performance of a sports car - all without using a drop of fuel.
Performance and Handling
At a width of just 39 inches, the Tango can go where other cars can't - and can probably get there faster.  The futuristic commuter car is 5" narrower than a typical motorcycle and only 8.5 feet long for quick and easy parking wherever you may go.  
Can a car this compact really perform?
  • 0 to 60 in 4 seconds,
  • Top speed of at least 135 mph,
  • And a range of 40 to 200 miles, depending on the battery chosen.
The Tango also has the ability to tow a standard gasoline generator, making it possible to travel anywhere the road may take you, just like any gas-powered vehicle.
Safety and Comfort
Not only can the skinny, speedy Tango perform like a luxury sportster, it is one of the safest cars available.  Low ground clearance minimizes the risk of rollovers while a steel roll cage that exceeds race car requirements protects the car's occupants if there is a crash.  The Tango's narrow, motorcycle-like design offers acceleration and maneuverability to avoid most accidents completely.
When it comes to space, comfort, and storage, the Tango provides much more than it's appearance would lead you to believe.  The single front driver's seat has nearly the same arm room as the oversized Dodge Ram and can comfortably accommodate drivers over 6-foot tall.  The removable backseat offers enough leg room for an adult passenger and can still carry a few groceries without sacrificing the comfort of your passenger.  Without the backseat, the Tango can easily hold large suitcases, briefcases for work, and other cargo.
Owning a Tango
Currently, the Tango T600 is only owned by 11 lucky eco drivers - including George Clooney who purchased the very first model, a black Tango, in 2005 for $85,000.  The T600 is available by special order and arrives as a mostly-assembled kit car, requiring a $10,000 deposit.  The total cost is around $150,000.
A mass production model, the T200, is planned for the near future and could be as inexpensive as $20,000.  A waiting list is already being created for the T200.  You can add your name to the list by participating in the manufacturer's survey - or place an order for the T600 - by visiting the Commuter Car's website.
Additional info: New York Post

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