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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Best Vintage Shops Online

Nothing shows elegance and environmental concern like great vintage items. Vintage items are, of course, previously used items. Whether it's jewelry, clothing, shoes or handbags - vintage is in and it's a great way to go 'green.' Below are a few of the greatest places to find vintage stuff online. Rusty Zipper (items pictured above) This online vintage shop was opened in 1995 and were apparently 'the first online vintage clothing shop.' Based in Oregon, the shop carries clothing from the 1940's to the 1970's. The warehouse in Oregon is more than 5,000 square feet and they currently have more than 20,000 vintage items - including great finds for both men and women. Check out some of their great sweaters, skirts, vintage dresses, pants and accessories the next time you need to get a little shopping done. Etsy Vintage Etsy is an amazing place to find handmade goods from incredible artists. It's also a perfect place to do a little vintage shopping - there's an entire vintage category and tons of great vintage items. Like this beautiful peacock wrap dress from seller 'pinguim,' there are scads of great finds. Spend a little time scrolling through the vintage category to find treasures like vintage caps, wallets, shoes and even home decor. Vintage Jewelry Online This shop is a virtual treasure chest featuring a plethora of vintage jewelry - from designer jewelry and ethnic jewelry to Bakelite plastic and wooden items. The owner discovered her love of vintage jewelry when her sister gave her a Bakelite bracelet for her birthday - and she hasn't looked back since! This is a great shop to find that 'something special' to bring out any outfit - and it's also a great option for finding unique and meaningful gifts! Retro Designer Deals Retro Designer Deals is a DREAM shop for people who love shoes, handbags, hats and belts - especially vintage ones. Managed by a group of girlfriends with a passion for vintage accessories, this shop has absolutely every kind of accessory you need to create the perfect ensemble. They feature rare designer items and they even have some items that are not yet vintage, but still adorable. The prices vary as much as the items, so it's all about browsing through the pages with this shop - but there's no doubt that you'll find something you love! Next time you feel the need for a great vintage shopping spree, check out these great shops and pay tribute to great items that haven't lost their style...and support buying vintage to protect our earth!

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Blogger Tia said...

Hey there,

I really enjoy "Etsy Vintage". Do you subscribe to their newsletter and if not, you should. They have great deals that you have to jump on right away. Another cool online vintage shop is LA Vintage. Have you checked them out yet?


P.S. I am affiliated with LAV, but I can definitely say there are a lot of cool Vintage shops online. Another cool one is

10/12/2009 02:09:00 PM  

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