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Friday, October 2, 2009

Luxurious and Eco-Friendly Fall Fashion Must Haves

Once again, the muggies of summer are fading and the air is turning cooler. As the leaves change color in celebration of the upcoming autumn, it's time to add a little fall festivity to your wardrobe. Accessories for the season are a priority as well. Check out these 5 luxurious and eco-friendly fall fashion must haves! 1. Rossie Recycled Tire Purse This recycled tire purse called Rossie, created by Uca Ruffatti from El Salvador, snatched up the 2009 Award for Excellence in Product Design by the Fair Trade Federation. This group has a delicious line of eco-friendly bags, and they feature all black design or black with pops of red and indigo. This particular recycled purse is perfect for Fall, and can be used with jeans and a sweater or with a skirt suit and heels for the office. Versatile and beautiful, this is a definite fall must have. 2. Terra Plana Janis Boots These beautiful boots are created by Terra Plana, a company focused on using sustainable and recycled materials in their shoes. This particular boot is created from vegetable tanned leather, recycled quilts from Pakistan and Bangladesh, and a recycled rubber heel. It's a mid-calf pull on boot with no zippers or buckles, and is the perfect accessory for fall. These boots can be paired with long skirts or slacks, but look especially great with a pair of comfortable jeans. This must have boot has a pop of color on the back, adding warmth to any ensemble. 3. Fleur de Neige Vintage Necklace This vintage necklace captures the beauty of the fall season, and is available from JadynsJewels on Etsy. With a beautiful brass metal acorn, vintage acrylic pearls, plastic white stacked flower with rhinestone center and more - this gorgeous necklace can bring life to absolutely any outfit. You'd better hurry before someone else snaps it up, though! JadynsJewels has a ton of other vintage jewelry that is unique and beautiful, so check out the Etsy store when you're searching for jewelry to complement your fall wardrobe. 4. Fair Trade Citrine and Oregon Blue Opal Recycled Silver Earrings These earrings, available from Green Earth jewelry on Artfire, are crafted from recycled silver and fair trade gemstones. With the colors of the season, these earrings will offset any outfit, creating the perfect finishing touch. Gorgeously faceted Citrines are gem quality and add a bit of sparkle for any occasion. 5. Grace & Cello 'Lucia' Long Coat This elegant coat will keep away any cool fall draft, and is created from 80% recycled wool and nylon. The coat falls to mid-thigh, and is available in black, crimson and dark green. Grace & Cello are dedicated to working with materials that have minimal impact on the environment, so you can look great and feel great about your clothing purchases. This 'Lucia' long coat can be worn with just about any fall outfit. Versatile, comfortable and warm - this coat had to make the list of must haves! There you are - the top 5 must haves of the season. Expand your wardrobe and accessory closet without feeling a bit guilty when you purchase eco-friendly or vintage clothing and accessories!

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Blogger Yona Williams said...

The Fleur de Neige Vintage Necklace is gorgeous!

10/02/2009 01:33:00 PM  

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