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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eco-Friendly Goodies for Corporations

With more and more corporations making an effort to go green, more products used by these corporations are being made in eco-friendly ways. These green products are more widely available now, making it even easier for those corporations to pursue a greener image and help out the environment. Below are a few must-have eco-friendly products for businesses. Employee Recognition Most businesses - whether they're small with only a few employees or large corporations with employees all over the US - understand just how important employee recognition is. It boosts morale, increases productivity, and in the long run, increases profits. Aside from the more technical importance, who doesn't love giving props to someone who is doing an amazing job? Coconut and Bamboo Plaque - this plaque is a beautiful way to let an employee know they're doing a great job, and the best thing is that it's eco-friendly. Created from coconut and bamboo, this plaque features a 4 x 6 imprint area for a custom, special message to be engraved for that great employee. Recycled Glass Pyramid Award - this pyramid is absolutely beautiful and is made from 80% recycled glass. CEO's and supervisors can have logos printed on the glass, or can add words to congratulate or thank an employee. The swirling pattern is charming and the figure can be used as a paperweight or placed on a light-up base for display. Corporate Gifts When it comes time for holiday gifts or a company wants to send a little something special to their employees for birthdays, there are many eco-friendly choices. Rainforest Spa Gift Basket - this beautiful gift basket is perfect for senior employees that have really made a contribution to the company. Featuring Mulberry Bark gift bags (Mulberry Bark peels right off the tree - no need to destroy), organic cotton wash cloths, essential oil bath crystals and soap, as well as a natural beeswax candle - any employee would truly appreciate this gift. The Jammin' Morning Organic Gift Tower - this delicious gift basket is filled with organic treats your employee will savor. He or she can wake up to the rich scents of organic tea or coffee, enjoy delicious organic waffle or pancake mix and dark maple syrup from Coombs family farms, and for an after dinner snack - the delicious organic almond biscotti and hot chocolate mix. All of this comes in beautiful eco-friendly tower boxes. If this gift basket doesn't increase productivity - NOTHING WILL! Promotional Corporations and businesses know the power of promotion and promotional giveaway items are wonderful for spreading the word about corporations and businesses. Not only can these businesses get great eco-friendly promotional items to make a difference in the world, they can show their customers exactly where they stand when it comes to environmental issues. Jute Panel Pocket Tote This gorgeous tote is created from 100% Jute, a sustainable plant fiber. The company logo is printed using Azo free dye, and is incredibly light weight. With long rope straps and a wood closure, the tote is not only great for promotional reasons, but it's just plain cute! It's large enough to carry multiple items and is available in orange, lime, blue, brown and wine. Bamboo Memo Clip Simple and spectacular, this memo clip will really come in handy. It is strong enough to hold business cards, notebooks, documents, phone message slips and much more. With your company logo on it, it will keep your business name right under the noses of potential customers. It's also created from bamboo, one of the most sustainable materials in existence. Of course, these are just some of the great eco-friendly goodies available for businesses and corporations. More companies are creating promotional items, corporate gifts, and awards for businesses and corporations that are eco-friendly. Next time you have to send a gift or want to order some promotional items for your company, think eco-friendly! Photos Courtesy of,,, and

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Blogger Lindsay said...

these are really great ideas! I love the glass pyramid. Here at, we have eco-friendly bamboo flash drives! it reminded me of your paper clips :)

9/23/2009 11:43:00 PM  

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