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Friday, September 18, 2009

Winter Coats – Vegan, Ethical & Planet-Friendly

Leaves are starting to turn lovely shades of orange, red, and gold – meaning winter is just around the corner. Can you feel the chill in the air and most importantly, do you have a seasonal coat to satisfy your planet-friendly, vegan, or ethical conscious? Today, I'd like to introduce a few samples of outerwear swimming in a sea of luxurious materials and fashionable comfort. Don't forget - it's never too early to track down the perfect winter coat. Vaute Couture's Bomono Vegan Winter Coat Prepare yourself for the changing weather with the windproof, water resistant, and heat retaining Bomono Luxe ($506) – available in blue, black, ivory, and gray. Oozing with comfort, wrap yourself in this oversized bomber jacket that mirrors the style of a kimono. Fully lined and sleek, the coat works well with a mini or skinny jeans assemble. The shawl collar, dolman sleeves, and foldover cuffs add to the overall presentation. The Bomono (shown above) highlights cutting-edge fashion trends, including fabric from the Polartex Wind Pro Series and a 100% recycled, closed loop, zero waste liner. The shell of the coat is 100% Vegan and 100% recyclable. Vintage metal buttons decorate the coat – detoured from landfills in the United Kingdom. A recycled version of the Bomono is available in black for $405. Izzy Lane If you're looking for a "fashion label with a conscience," look no further than Izzy Lane for your next winter coat. All clothing comes from an ethically run company, using wool originating from their own rare breeds of Wensleydale and Shetland sheep – the majority of which have been saved from the slaughterhouse. Joining the Izzy Lane collection of jackets and coats is an assortment of knitwear, skirts, shoes, and handbags – all of which are approved by the Vegetarian Society. The sheep responsible for the Shetland Collection generates exceptionally fine wool in an array of natural colors with no need for dyes. Speaking to the hearts of animal lovers, the Izzy Lane flock will also carry out the rest of their natural lives in the meadows of the Yorkshire Dales. Just one of the Izzy Lane winter coats to consider – the Shetland Isobel Coat (£395.00) with an alluring detachable belt at waist and slight A-line skirt. Nau For the woman looking for a sharp design with high performance, the Nau Blazing Jacket ($375) fights wintry breezes with a waterproof, knee-length down jacket comprised of 100% recycled poly shell and naturally renewable 650-fill goose down. Not one, but two layers of waterproof and breathable fabric will certainly protect you from the weather. To enhance the function of the coat, the fabric is treated with a DWR-finish for extra water repellency. Additional features include a two-way adjustable hood, ribbed wool interior cuffs, and a snap adjustable waist with belt. Image Credits: Vaute Couture, Izzy Lane, Nau

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Blogger Lindsay said...

these are really cute! I love the izzy lane one :) I think that eco friendly winter coats are a great idea and the company I work for,, should sell some! Thanks for the idea!

9/18/2009 12:27:00 PM  

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