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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Burning Clean with Luxury Candles

Lighting our way through thunderstorm mishaps, lifting the spirits, and setting a romantic mood, candles are an ultra-functional part of everyday living. However, purchase the wrong candle and you'll suffer the effects of indoor air pollution, which can affect your health and even compromise objects in your home – like your computer. Petroleum-based products (such as paraffin), lead cores, and metal wicks create candle soot and cause pollution at the manufacturing level. The healthiest choice for the environment and our health is to select luxury candles made from pure beeswax, vegetable oil bases, and soy. A few worthy candidates include: Voluspa Candles With cotton wicks and intoxicating scents, Voluspa Candles offer clean-burning candles in a variety of distinct collections. Following in the footsteps of traditional methods, Voluspa gains inspiration from European candle makers. Fine fragrances plus exclusive wax equals luxury candles you can be proud of displaying and burning in your home. Choose from the following collections: Basic Black, Basic Cream, Floraison (inspired by flowers in full bloom), and Japonica (Japanese floral designs paired with fragrances). A sampling of Voluspa Candle scents includes Genoa Lemon Basil, Vervaine Olive Leaf, Clove Pomander, Hawaiian Maile Vine, Sake Lemon Flower, and Pehari Mango Leaf. Aquiesse During early production, Aquiesse candle scents drew inspiration from the coastal region of Central California – filling rooms with citrus fruits, florals, the ocean, and mountain air. However, after tapping into centuries-old candle making techniques, the company was able to create a soy wax blend using organic soybean oil and lead-free wicks. Highly fragrant and delivering impressive burn quality, Aquiesse candles still mirror the beauty of California living, but have expanded to include captivating exotic scents, including items found in the Portfolio Candle Collection, such as:
  • Bamboo Teakwood: Green bamboo, Hawaiian violet, and Asian teakwood
  • Mandarin Tea: Fresh mandarin, ceylon tea, and exotic woods
  • Pomegranate Sage: Fresh pomegranate, green sage, patchouli, and teak
Botanicus Want a 'Day at the Beach' right in the middle of your home? With long-lasting, highly fragrant Botanicus candles, fill your personal spaces with fine perfumes and soy wax. All candles are hand poured in jars, tins and votives with carefully centered wicks (a double wick in many cases for a better burn). The company uses proprietary food-grade paraffin wax, which has the ability to hold a great deal of fragrance. When burning, the scents morph into a lifelike experience. Using the rare blue bamboo as inspiration, the Botanicus Blue Bamboo candle offers a soft orange-citrus and bamboo scent blended with undertones of cedar, sandalwood, amber, and musk. The Botanicus Guava candle takes its lead from fruit originating in South America with an inviting aroma comprised of apricot, wild strawberry, honeydew, banana, passion fruit, and cyclamen. Additional Botanicus scents include Champagne, Green Tea, Lemongrass, Tobacco Leaf, and Night Jasmine. For a complete list, visit Botanicus. Bluecorn Naturals Providing a bevy of eco-friendly tea lights, tapers, pillars, votives, and aromatherapy selections, Bluecorn Naturals uses pure beeswax for the production of their candles. Raw beeswax candles offer a honey scent with coloring courtesy of pollen. This is the purest form of beeswax to select and is often referred to as 'natural.' Ivory beeswax is highly filtered but does not undergo a bleaching process. This selection has little to no honey scent. Using safer dyes (perfect for people with sensitivities), Bluecorn Naturals provides colored beeswax with a raw beeswax base. For an aromatherapy experience, choose lavender (for relaxation); cedarwood, ylang ylang, nutmeg and lavender (for well-being); lavender, geranium and tangerine (for uplifting); palmarosa, ylang ylang and patchouli (for sensuality); lemongrass, cinnamon and rosemary (for tranquility); and eucalyptus, orange and lavender (for clarity). Image Credits: Candle Delirium

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