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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flow2 Kitchen: The Space That Does it All

Imagine a kitchen that could grow your food, keep it fresh, cook it, and compost it - all in one convenient, eco-friendly space.  The Flow2 kitchen concept can do just that, plus it offers plenty of storage and requires a fraction of the electricity used by even an Energy Star rated kitchen!
Designed by Studio Gorm, the Flow2 kitchen concept reduces, reuses, and recycles in the area of our homes that typically wastes the most.  The minimalist, self-sufficient space is constructed of native hardwoods and stainless steel, boasting an assortment of double-duty features.
  • A contemporary dish rack supplies drying and storage space, while watering the fresh herb garden below;
  • Beech wood storage box lids slide forward as needed, offering an antimicrobial built-in cutting board;
  • The integrated composter, conveniently located by the cutting board, eliminates food waste and creates a natural fertilizer for the herb garden.
Besides minimizing space, water usage, and waste - the Flow2 concept also reduces the amount of electricity needed.  An evaporative cooling fridge keeps fruits, vegetables, and dairy products fresh without power, while a countertop gas stove provides cooking space.  
Storage and garden space, plus innovative features that protect and preserve natural resources, make the Flow2 kitchen concept an eco-friendly dream kitchen that we would love to see in production!  A second version is planned for the future and promises to be even more eco-friendly, including grey-water recycling and people-powered gadgets.

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