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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Riding the Wave to the Waves

Like to surf? Don't like to fight the traffic, increase your carbon output, or get into your car to get to the beach? Fall down the last time you tried to balance your board on your bike? Here's an answer that's not only environmentally friendly, but design sharp. The Surf is a new bicycle designed by Gegi Primanata and Rinda Setiawan that transforms both the bicycle and the board carrier into a thing of beauty. The clip on the back is sized for most boards and the funky shape will make heads turn as you zip down the road. The eco bike is available in array of colors, including blue, green and yellow to suit all surfers’ style. Primanata and Seitawan are part of a whole slew of new designers coming out of industrial technology colleges where the emphasis is on green, beautiful, innovative uses of materials. photos courtesy of gegi primanata and

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