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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Being Green in the Deep Blue: Eco-Friendly Swimsuits

Just because summer is dwindling down to a couple of weekend barbecues and last glimpses of the beach, doesn’t mean you still don’t have time to make good use of an eco-friendly swimsuit. However, trying to create a sustainable bathing suit is no easy pickings. Common materials used to add shape and style to your one-piece assembles and trendy bikinis include man-man wonders, such as Lycra and spandex. Fortunately, with the help of repurposed and recycled materials – it's easy being green in the deep blue. Aaron Chang International For the surfer girl at heart, Aaron Chang International offers a line of eco-friendly swimwear fashioned from recycled soda bottles made into polyester yarn. Within his collection, a natural element theme weaves in and out of his suits. Beyond the reversible style delivering the flexibility of a chameleon to the padded Classic Woody Cut Out One Piece with eye-catching cut patterns, Aaron Chang also sells high-quality prints of outdoor scenes. Kelly B Couture Featured on the green fashion show of 'The View,' the Kelly B Valentina Bikini is comprised of bamboo and organic cotton – offering a chance to stay true to the earth while still embracing a classic style. The organic cotton used in the swimwear line has been grown, processed and produced without the pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Choose a basic Amanda one-piece swimsuit (available in black or white) with the option to remove a halter strap. The Nadia Ring Bikini presents a fun and flirty look and only uses 8% spandex in its creation. Other Kelly B options include the Jenny String Bikini and the Tizi Cutout Swimsuit – offered in a vibrant yellow. Jungle Gurl Can you think of anything better than taking a cue from a former model turned eco-friendly swimwear designer? Jungle Gurl mixes alluring designs with minimal fabric use to create a line of bathing suits and bikinis that repurpose vintage fabrics with an international flair. Tap into your wild side with the Ginger Lulu (shown), which allows you to also fashionably prepare your baby for a day at the beach. The Keila offers artistic designs with fabrics and strings that tie around the neck and back. Anna Cohen Floating across the web, swimmers can still find a few Anna Cohen swimsuit designs despite her decision to explore 'another chapter in her life.' Mull over the sexiness of an eco-friendly string bikini or select the quick-drying Teal Triangle Bikini – originally constructed out of leftover fabric from the Olympic Speed Skating team uniforms. Cohen gave unwanted surplus mill-end fabrics a home of their own. The Portland-based designer additionally chose organic cotton and sustainable bamboo to bring her innovative styles to life. Niksters With bamboo rings, soy, and organic cotton materials, Niksters allows you to dazzle beachgoers with intriguing designs, such as the Heavenly, a white one-piece with Xcross crochet strings at the front and top. The Balance bikini presents a handmade crochet top that seductively ties in the middle of the back. Experience a monobikini (shown) against your skin with the Native Goddess – a classy heart shaped one-piece. Niksters also plans to add eco-friendly beach accessories, including necklaces, beach hats, and bracelets made out of natural materials. Other earth-friendly swimwear and companies to consider:
  • Triumph: Awarded Best Environment Management accolades from Austrian Industry, Triumph blends eco-friendly ideas with green production processes when generating their swimwear line filled with striking prints, colors and cuts.
  • San Lorenzo: Join Jhonatan Figueroa and Megan Spurlock – the two designers behind cutting-edge Brazilian cut bikinis with an eco-friendly, organic cotton twist. Don't forget to check out the belt-style bikini.
  • Rawganique: The entire line of swimwear from Rawganique uses hemp to create comfortable and stylish designs, including swim trunks for men.

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