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Monday, August 17, 2009

Pangea Organic: Natural Body Care

Searching for soothing, natural body products that are eco-friendly and good for the skin is no longer a hassle. Pangea Organics - featured in Lucky, Organic Living and Teen Vogue magazines - is one company stepping up to the plate and providing those kinds of products. Based in Boulder, Colorado, this company creates luscious body products designed to smooth, cleanse, and refresh skin - without the harsh chemicals or waste so many other products are famous for. Creating the Products With many companies that produce herbal and natural products, the raw ingredients are so processed that nothing of the good remains by the time it reaches your skin. This is one of the things Pangea works to prevent. The products are made in small batches and hand mixed using the gentlest processes so that the natural, healthy ingredients stay in the product, where you want them! The end result of so much care is a line of prodcuts that are organic and fair trade, cruelty-free, petroleum-free, and handcrafted. The products contain absolutely no sulfates or detergents, synthetic preservatives or artificial colors or fragrances. Spreading Awareness Pangea's products are wonderful, but that's just the beginning. With every purchase, a portion of sales goes toward building Pangea Institute. This non-profit organization is dedicated to spreading eco-consciousness and the importance of making the right choices for our earth now and working toward a sustainable future. Transparent With Pangea products, customers never have to wonder what they're putting on their bodies. Every ingredient that is present in one of Pangea's products is also present on the label. There is no guessing and nothing is hidden. Eco-conscious and safety-conscious individuals can take a look at the label and know exactly what is in the products - it's that simple! Founder and CEO Joshua Onysko Joshua Onysko has always been an individual who followed his dreams...which is why he dropped out of school at the age of nine to pursue a career in acting. It was a simple coffee table book that gave him the inspiration to create Pangea Organics. It was a soap-making book, which he and his mother used to make handmade soaps. After receiving praise and thanks for the soap from friends and family, and seeing the benefits of the soap first hand, Joshua had an idea. He wanted to create a company that provided organic, natural, cruelty-free products - as well as help corporations learn the art of sustainable living. Out of this desire came Pangea Organics! (Read full bio here.) Pangea is a company that works very hard to keep their practices eco-friendly and provide products that are second to none. When you're shopping for eco-friendly body care, visit Pangea and let them know you appreciate their efforts!

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