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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Dance…on a Sustainable Dance Floor

From night owls to nightclub owners, there are new possibilities in the world of sustainable entertainment. Thanks to the combined efforts of Enviu and Döll (an architecture firm) from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, we can now benefit from creative concepts and innovative technology that equip clubs, festivals and other events across the world with the power of earth-friendly products, such as the Sustainable Dance Club. What is the Sustainable Dance Floor? A collection of separate tiles measuring 65 cm x 65 cm each mechanically click together to create dance floors of varying sizes. With the ability to transform nearly any location into a raving party, this product is the first dance floor that harnesses the energy of dancing. From salsa to square dancing, the energy produced by kicking up your heels for the night is transformed into electricity that creates an interactive experience for partygoers. The dance floor feeds off of your level of energy, providing visuals and continuous real-time interaction according to the collective effort of clubbers on the floor. For an outdoor setting, the Sustainable Dance Floor requires a tent covering so that the various colors of LED lights can broadcast generated energy levels. Participants are treated to an Energy Meter that promotes more movement to achieve the maximum possible energy level. Two kinds of meters are offered. The 'Tower' model breaks down energy in percentages (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) and changes the colors of the dance floor. The 'LED Battery' model gives the precise amount of generated Watts. What's in a Tile? A union of electronics, embedded software and durable materials is responsible for the sustainable dance floor tiles, which contribute up to 1 centimeter of vertical movement when danced on. An advanced electric motor converts the movements into electric power. The average output of energy for each dancer is between two and 20 Watts, depending on their weight and level of activity while busting a move. Rent a Dance Floor From wedding receptions to seasonal venues, there is the option to rent the Sustainable Dance Floor. Nine tiles can create a showcase, while a full dance floor usually consists of 70 tiles. The product is easily portable and quick to set up. Permanent installations of the dance floor have already taken place in international club scenes, museums, company halls, and public spaces associated with exhibitions. Other Sustainable Products The makers of the Sustainable Dance Floor also supply party venues and other events with a more compact choice in clubbing, including the: The Mini Sustainable Dance Club (Mini SDC) accommodates 3 to 4 people, while converting the energy of dancers into electricity like the floor model. A combination of sounds and visuals greet an individual as they climb the steps leading to the entrance of the Mini-SDC. If enough energy is produced, a mirror ball in the ceiling becomes part of the entertainment for the ultimate experience in interactivity. Reducing the amount of physical waste produced during an event or festival, the Personal Cup Holder will also cut down on CO2 emissions. It is estimated that the average festival participant can use up to 10 cups per day. With the Cup8, use just one cup by clicking the sustainable holder to your belt, pocket, or bag. Made out of specialized FSC cardboard and topped off with an eco-friendly coating, buyers may personalize the Cup8 with company logos or slogans – printing is available on one or both sides of the cup. In the Near Future… To elevate the potential for sustainable clubbing and events around the world, the inventors of the Sustainable Dance Floor are also working on other products to enhance the industry. Look for Trees for Dance to reduce your carbon footprint and participate in tree planting projects taking place in locations, such as Ugunda, Ecuador, Malaysia, and Mali. In the near future, explore the possibilities of the Zero Waste Bar (already in use at Club WATT), which aims to save energy, time and money by serving drinks only from tabs instead of separate bottles; reduce the use of electricity and water; separate and recycle all used materials; embrace central cooling systems; and smart stocking. Image Credits: SDC

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